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Throwback Jam: Montgomery Gentry’s “If You Ever Stop Loving Me”

By Aaron Wagner

Released in February of 2004, “If You Ever Stop Loving Me” became the duo’s first #1 hit.

Montgomery Gentry had smash hits up until this point with “Speed”, “My Town”, “She Couldn’t Change Me”, and “Hell Yeah.” These songs all reached the Top 5 but none were cracking the #1 spot until “If You Ever Stop Loving Me.”

The song was written by a trio of superstar songwriters in Bob DiPero (“Cowboys Like Us” and “Blue Clear Sky”), Rivers Rutherford (“When I Get Where I’m Going” and “These Are My People”), and Tom Shapiro (“Wink” and “No Place That Far”).

In the writing session, the three of them got to talking about how lucky they were to have a wife who loves them day in and day out. DiPero shared in an interview that it’s not easy to do.

“I think it’s a strong man being vulnerable in that song. This is a guy saying all the hard things he’s been through and all the hard roads he’s been down. The heart and soul of that song is the truth. I can deal with anything, except you leaving me. That’s what I love about that song.”

Walker Montgomery Makes His Introduction With Debut EP “Simple Town”

Walker Montgomery is no stranger to country music. His dad is John Michael Montgomery and his uncle is Eddie Montgomery from Montgomery Gentry. He’s been around the industry, but now it’s his time to try and make his mark on country music. Last Friday, Montgomery released his debut EP Simple Town.

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