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Logan Mize’s New Album “Still That Kid” Is the Ultimate Ode to the Small Town

By Emily Wagner

Logan Mize might be from a fly over state, but his music, and his latest album Still That Kid deserves more recognition.

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New In Nash: This Week in New Music

By Aaron Wagner

Riley Green dropped a new EP and one of the songs, “Better Than Me”, includes a collaboration with Alabama’s Randy Owen. One of my favorite new tunes this week is Florida Georgia Line’s new one “Long Live” as they sing about living that country life to its fullest.

I am such a fan of everything Meghan Patrick puts out and that’s just as true this week as she releases her first song that will be send to US country radio with “My First Car.” Then there’s Mickey Guyton who has one of the best voices in country music. She released her new EP this week and “Bridges” is one of my early favorites.

Logan Mize gives us those feelings of country-raised nostalgia in his latest this week “Who Didn’t.” Brothers Osborne gets unapologetic in the groovy and soulful “I’m Not For Everyone.”

Muscadine Bloodline has put out a ton of new music but “See You Tomorrow” might be their best so far this year. One of our favorite artists is Jordan Rager as everything he puts out is so damn good. “Want Me to Want You” is his new song that we’ll be hitting repeat on all week.

My 3 Favorite Songs from Country Risers:

“Things I Can’t Say” – Spencer Crandall and Julia Cole. These are two of my favorite rising artists in general as they both bring a fresh sound to their music. Teaming up together isn’t something I saw coming, but their young energy in this song about those early moments in a relationship when you know it’s real adds to the songs appeal. I’m mashing the repeat button.

“Saturdays Are For the Boys” – PJ North. While going off the song title and phrase alone, it seems like a bro jam, but it’s more than that. I love when the song title is a clever head fake and that’s the case in this new one from PJ as he sings about everything he loves about fall Saturdays.

“I Drink Whiskey” – Halle Kearns. If you’re looking for an under the radar artist that is sprinting out of the starting blocks to her career it’s Halle Kearns. She follows up the streaming hit “Pick Me Up” with yet another addicting country-pop song with a hook that is so fun.