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Martina McBride’s Cover of Garth Brooks’ The Dance

You’ve been there. You head to YouTube and type something in. A simple song, a music video, or a concert performance. Before you know it, 3 hours later you’re still going from video to video.

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New Music This Week

Mitchell Tenpenny – “I Can’t Go To Church”
I had the privilege of hearing him perform this at The Listening Room in Nashville and so glad it found its way to the masses.

Chase Rice – “Best Night Ever”
My favorite out of the 7 new songs he released as part of his new record, The Album, Pt. 1.

Kelsea Ballerini – “la”
Kelsea continues to make herself vulnerable with each new song and this is arguably her most vulnerable song to date.

Tyler Farr – “Only Truck in Town”
It’s been awhile since we’ve had new music from Farr, but this new one is the Tyler Farr music we’ve grown to love.

Hailey Whitters – “Janice At The Hotel Bar”
Country music is all about story telling and this is one of the best stories told in awhile.

The Cadillac Three – “Dirt Road Nights”
A song about running into an old flame stirring up all the memories you had with them.

Clark Manson – “Drunk Wives Matter”
This song has him offering a woman an alternative so she knows that there are options out there that would make her more happy.

JT Harker – “If I Ain’t Got You”
Ever wanted to hear a country version of Alicia Keys’ smash hit? Here you go with the new original song from JT.

Tim Dugger – “You’re Gonna Love Me”
Dugger lays out exactly who he is and what he’s all about to appeal to a girl he has his eyes on.

Kassi Ashton – “Hopeless”
Raw emotion is right up Ashton’s alley including this new one from her.

Katie Pruitt – “Katie Has a Gun”
The latest music from the young artist with the same vibe as a Sheryl Crow.

Hot Country Knights with Travis Tritt – “Pick Her Up”
The new project from Dierks Bentley has him and his retro country band team up with a country legend in Travis Tritt.

Joey Hyde – “Heartbreak Lovers”
The classic song about how a couple is on both ends of the spectrum – absolutely in love but absolutely toxic for each other at the same time.

Josh Bricker – “Drive By”
Bricker follows up the successful “Red Cup Flippin'” with this new one as he finds himself not being able to get over the girl.

New Music From Phil Vassar? Hell Yes.

By Aaron Wagner

Here at Raised On It, we are huge Phil Vassar fans. He’s written some of the biggest country songs, has plenty of top hits himself, and overall is just a great musician to see live. That coupled with the fact that he’s been really accessible by continuing to tour and put out new music makes the connection to his fanbase even stronger.

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A Song By Song Breakdown of The Dungarees New EP

The Canadian country group The Dungarees released their new EP Twenty Something this week and simply put – it’s a nice piece of musical art.

It’s the group’s first EP in about 5 years and it didn’t disappoint. There’s a modern, yet traditional sound to it that is refreshing in the country music scene.

“Broken Down,” is a fun, uptempo song that gets the album off and running as they realize that the relationship is heading in the wrong trajectory.

“Twenty Something” is one of my favorite tracks on the album. I’m always a sucker for a song about life and how we should cherish each and every stage of it.

“Die Tryin'” is the theme song for anyone who is chasing their dream whether it be their career or that cute girl. There’s a subtle folksy sound to this one that is really cool.

“Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Use To” is the groups next single that they’re releasing. The songwriting will pull you in as you think they’re singing about machines and technology, when in reality they’re also referencing people and values.

“Hard Call” gives me a groovy vibe, almost like something you’d imagine Kenny Chesney serenading someone on a coastal beach.

“Bad Habit” has the group singing about how addicted they are to their loved one.