Raised On It

Raised On It is for those of us who grew up on country music. It’s important to you. It’s part of who you are. Country music is in your soul.

It’s the music you listened to on the way to church when you were eight years old. Country music is what you were listening to in high school as you were having bonfires with friends. And it’s the music you’re listening to with your kids as you try to pass your love of it down to them.

Whether you grew up on George and Reba, Tim and Faith, or Luke and Carrie, it doesn’t matter to us. We’re not of the belief that there is a magical form of country music that is “pure country.” Every era has brought new elements to country music and it should be celebrated.

We’ll bring you the latest of what’s happening in country music. We really pride ourselves on new music and up and coming artists. There are so many great songs that never make it to radio and we don’t want you to miss out. At the same time, there are artists that aren’t well known but are working their butts off to catch their big break.

We want to expose you to them and their music because there is so much talent in country music outside of what you hear on country music radio. With social media and the growth of YouTube and Spotify there’s really no excuse not to branch out and explore some of these new artists. We’ll help you do that.

Lastly, we’ll keep it fun too, because that’s what country music is suppose to be about, right? Whether it’s our writing style or how we interact on podcasts and videos, the point is to enjoy country music and the people that make up the greatest music industry.

You might be asking, who is the “we?” If you’re still reading, seriously go back to the home page and read some of the actual articles. The short version – Aaron and Emily. The long version – Aaron Wagner and Emily Wagner. We grew up on a small dairy farm in Wisconsin, insist that 90s country is the best era of music, and are always sending each other new artists to check out which we will instead share with you on this site. We hope you enjoy the content, learn a lot, but if you have any suggestions about who/what we should tackle when it comes to content, just drop us a line.

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