New In Nash: This Week in New Music

By Aaron Wagner

It’s the song I’ve been wanting Dustin Lynch to release since his album came out last year. “Thinking ‘Bout You” originally had Lauren Alaina on the vocals but since she’s currently at radio with a single I guess it made sense to feature a different female vocalist so enter MacKenzie Porter. Originally from Canada, MacKenzie is a name that I’ve been hoping mainstream country would be introduced to and now we finally get the chance. This song should shoot up the charts quickly.

Hunter Hayes is back with new music with the release of “If You Change You Mind.” The song has a groovy and almost jazzy vibe to it, which I think is something Hunter pulls off really well. One of our favorite artists is Filmore and he released “Good Thing” which has him reflecting on a past relationship and realizing how good he had things.

Midland released their latest album this week with The Sonic Ranch dropping. Take a listen to “Champagne For the Pain” to get things started. While I haven’t been the biggest fan of some of the song Canaan Smith has released over the last year or so, I am a huge fan of “Sweet Virgina”, his newest this week.

With Rascal Flatts officially going their separate way – either for good or for a little bit – we’re about to hear from each of the band members from a solo artist perspective. This week it’s lead singer Gary LeVox’s turn as he released his Christian-based “The Distance.” Gary has one of the best vocals in the industry and I’m excited to see what he creates on his own.

Favorite Songs from Country Risers:

“You Did” – Renee Blair: Renee has been one of our favorite risers for awhile as everything she puts out is so damn good, but this week’s release just feels different. There’s real feelings of love coming through her voice as she sings. She is her usual honest and vulnerable self, this time showing fans this new side of her which is special.

“Same Kind of Crazy” – Levi Hummon: Similar to Renee, Levi is one of our favorite risers and this week he released two songs, but “Same Kind of Crazy” is just a good old fun time. As the title implies, he’s singing about finding your type of crazy and embracing all the quirks and weird qualities one has.

“Trying Not To” – Alana Springsteen and Roman Alexander: Always a sucker for the male-female duet, these two created something really cool with this song. Their two voices actually work well together even though they have somewhat different styles. There’s something so addicting about the soaring chorus that has you hitting repeat on this one. I don’t know if this will be sent to radio, but I’d be so curious to see how it would do for a few weeks if stations started playing it.