Tiera Makes Her Country Music Entrance With Debut EP

By Aaron Wagner

She’s one of my favorite voices amongst young artists and Tiera is poised to be the next big thing in country music, especially when you listen to her self-titled debut EP.

While it’s her voice that will captivate listeners, the Alabama native co-wrote each of the 5 songs on the project, showing that she is just as crafty with a pen and paper. In a genre that is actively making efforts to be more inclusive and appeal to different audiences, this project gives us a glimmer of hope that Tiera will be that artist to break through.

While there are so many talented artists in country music and many with some incredible vocals, there’s just something about Teira’s that makes her voice shine. It’s so smooth, pure, and it comes across effortless like she just rolled out of bed and went straight to the studio. I’m almost mad that there are only 5 songs as I could listen to her for hours on hours. She’s special.

She kicks off the EP with “Found It In You”, a fun and light song about being confident that she found “it” in her significant other. It’s one of my favorite songs on the project. Then there’s the groovy “Not Your Girl” which has Tiera showing off her smooth and effortless vocals. It’s truly special.

“Laid Back” gives listeners a warm and cozy vibe as the outside world is shut out and you’re just focused on being in the moment with your person. It’s dreamy and comfortable all in one song.

Tiera teams up with BRELAND on a catchy song in “Miles.” There are some fun production elements in this song that I think would be really well-received if it was sent to radio. Adding BRELAND on the last verse is a nice touch as I’m always a sucker for that male-female component in a song.

She wraps up the EP with a fun jam. I picture her singing it with a sly smirk as she lets her hair down and just goes with wherever the night takes her in “Shut It Down.” Her range on this song is just so cool.

This is one of my favorite projects of the year so far and let’s hope that we continue to get more music from Tiera very soon. And with tons of optimism to touring and festivals resuming, keep an eye out for Tiera coming to your town.