New In Nash: This Week in New Music

By Aaron Wagner

Jordan Davis is out with a new one this week with “Need to Not.” JD is at the top of his game, cranking out one addicting song after another. Then we have Lady A bringing all of the energy and fun in “Like a Lady” in which Hillary takes the lead vocals throughout.

Darius Rucker gives romantics a love song this week with “My Masterpiece” as he sings about how he hopes people think of his masterpiece as him loving his lady. Miranda Lambert released the rough cut of “Tin Man”, one of the most underrated songs of the last decade and it is incredible.

One of our favorite young vocalists in country is Tiera and this week she released her self-titled debut EP featuring the groovy and downright fun “Not Your Girl.” Then there’s this really great collaboration between Texas riser Triston Marez and Ronnie Dunn. “Where the Neon Lies” is just a great example of two voices blending seamlessly together.

As we mentioned last week, Tracy Lawrence is releasing a lot of new music this year and it continues this week with “Water.”

Favorite Songs from Country Risers This Week:

“I Didn’t Love You” – Josh Kerr: The song title is a bit of a headfake which I love with song titles. Josh is one of the brightest young artists, songwriters, and producers in the biz and while I’m a fan of everything he puts out, this week’s new release is probably my favorite.

“The Writer” – Cassidy Lynn: I love the concept of this song. With the obvious parallels to being a songwriter and trying to make it in country music, this song has a broader message of everyone being in charge of their life story and not giving up when “some pages are missing and chapters are burned.” It’s a creative song and for that, Cassidy deserves immense praise.

“I Don’t Miss You” – Kacy Moon: Some songs become stuck in your head after one listen and that’s what Kacy has with her new song this week. It’s everything you want in a modern country song. Fun production, clever and direct lyrics, and then of course Kacy’s vocals make the song as special as it is. Roll the windows down and crank this all the way up.