New in Nash: This Week in New Music

By Aaron Wagner

Thomas Rhett dropped two new songs in conjunction with the announcement of a new double album Country Again, with Side A dropping at the end of April. “Growing Up” is one of my favorite T-Rhett songs in awhile and an early favorite to be a radio single and “Want It Again” has T-Rhett crooning over a missed opportunity.

Then Luke Bryan keeps on cranking out new music as part of his deluxe album. This week he sings about drinking away the pain of a failed relationship in “Drink A Little Whiskey Down.”

You’re probably familiar with Miranda Lambert’s new project. She announced that she will be releasing the raw cuts of her songwriting sessions with Jack Ingram and Jon Randall, with the first release coming this week with “In His Arms.”

Midland is out with a new song this week that has an old school vibe with “Cowgirl Blues” and Travis Tritt is also out with a new one that has him yearning for the good ole days in “Smoke In A Bar.”

Favorite Songs from Country Risers:

“Your Man” – John King: It seems like everything that John releases is so well done. This week, “Your Man” stood out as one of those great mid-tempo songs that is perfectly made for radio. While I don’t know if this song will get its shot at radio, I think if it does it could become his biggest song to date.

“Sunday Morning Kinda Saturday Night” – Ashley Cooke: With over half a million followers on TikTok, she’s building a large fanbase but her talent is second to none. Whether it’s her songwriting and storytelling or actual vocals, she’s a future star. This song title hooked me in and I’m just a fan of this song’s message of needing that reset and rather than turning to a rowdy night out on the town, she slows things down and gets back to her roots. So dang good.

“Greatest Thing I Ever Did” – Rob Mayes: If you want an example of what makes country music so special, it’s this song and the great piece of songwriting that created it. He sings about how every stage of life has those moments where you feel like it can’t get better…but it does. It’s a feel good song that everyone can relate to.