A Q&A With Abigail Neilson On Her New Song “Seams”

By Aaron Wagner

Country riser Abigail Nielson isn’t afraid to dig deep, bring her emotions out, and share them with the world. That’s what makes her a great artist and it’s further proof on her new song “Seams.”

Opting for the piano and strings rather than drums and a guitar, Abigail shares the feelings of not wanting a relationship to end. It hurts, it’s shocking, and it’s not something people want to talk about. But with Abigail, she isn’t afraid to dig deep and get really vulnerable with her listeners. You can hear it in her voice.

I’m a huge fan of Abigail’s music and while most of her previous songs are full of energy and optimism even in difficult times, “Seams” just might be one of my favorites. The song is so direct and to the point, but with it set over the sound of piano and strings, you actually can feel the hurt coming through.

I caught up with Abigail to talk about her new song “Seams” and how she’s able to be so vulnerable and honest in her music.

You don’t hide your emotions in your music, so how did you get in the right mindset to write “Seams?” 

“When I was writing ”Seams,” I had just gotten my heartbroken and had so much I wanted to say to one person but couldn’t. So, I decided to write about it. It honestly started out more as a journal entry than lyrics, but they eventually turned into the lyrics of,” Seams.” I tend to write about my life unapologetically even if it doesn’t always make me look the most flattering. In this song, I felt desperate to talk to this person and wanted to still be with them more than anything. Knowing I couldn’t, I wrote exactly how I felt at that moment.” 

What’s the story of “Seams” and how it became a song? 

“Truthfully, I got my heart broken and wrote exactly how I felt about it. When I write about my life, I want it to be honest to myself because I know I’m not the only person in the world who has had this kind of experience. I feel like the more honest I am in my writing, the more people will be able to relate to it on a more vulnerable level.” 

Was there a certain style or vibe you were wanting with the music video? 

“I knew I wanted a water element the second I started thinking of ideas for a music video for this song. I wanted this video to feel magical in a sense and to look like I was trying to escape the emotions I was feeling in this song. Kyle Olthoff filmed the music video, along with all of my previous videos, and did absolutely amazing. Everything I had envisioned for this video became a reality and it turned out stunningly. It has to be my favorite music video I’ve ever done.”

Is there a type of person in mind, that you really want this song geared towards? And what do you hope their takeaway is?

“I think it’d do well in the hands of someone who hasn’t moved on from a past relationship quite yet. This song talks a lot about wishing you were still with someone and being asked to leave. So many people feel and go through this, and it’s such a heart-breaking thing to experience. I hope these people who have felt this way, the same as I had when I wrote this song, are able to take this as a reminder so they know that they’re not alone.”