Lauren Hall Releases Sassy and Sarcastic Song With “Thank You Very Much”

By Aaron Wagner

Country riser Lauren Hall is out with her newest song this week, “Thank You Very Much.”

The fun and catchy tune has Lauren singing with a smirk and a bit of a sly side-eye as she sings about thanking a previous guy for leaving her. While often times it can be a sad vibe, as Lauren shares below, sometimes you just have to accept that is happened and that you’ve been set free in the long run.

We chat with her about the making of her latest single. Make sure you hit play and add it to your playlist this week.

What was the songwriting process like for “Thank You Very Much?”

This song is a co-write with one of my producers and Curb Records songwriter, Phillip Lammonds. He’s written for a lot of well-known country artists like Lee Brice, Kip Moore and others. The idea was actually already born two years before, but it was a different song with a different title. I brought it to Phillip during the pre-production process and we kind of took it apart again and changed a few things to make it the song it is now.

The session was a fun one for sure because anytime you get to write a sarcastic breakup song you just feel better afterwards. I remember when the idea first came to me all those years ago and I was feeling sad about this particular person that I knew it wasn’t going to work out with, and I actually started it as a sad song. I quickly realized I wasn’t getting anywhere with the song, so I switched gears and thought I would make it an in your face happy song instead to try and get myself out of the funk I was in, and it worked for me so I hope it does the same for others who listen to it. 

Why did you want to make this song your next release?

I always envisioned this song being released in February around Valentine’s Day because let’s be honest, if you’re not in love or you’re going through a breakup, it’s not everybody’s favorite holiday. So I wanted to release this song as a fun and positive breakup anthem to get people smiling even if they don’t have a significant other this time of year. We played on this idea in the music video actually. There’s a whole scene where the backdrop is all hot pink with streamers and balloons. I end up smashing a heart piñata with a sparkly baseball bat at the very end of the video too. Shooting that scene was like a therapy session!

There are some absolutely savage and funny lines throughout the song like “I’m lovin’ not lovin’ you” (one of my personal favorites.)  Are there any favorite lines that you’re proud of writing or that you’re glad are in the song? 

I’m so glad you think so! Our intention when writing this song was to make it sarcastic and sassy, which I always love in a song. My favorite line is probably either that one, or the one right after where it says, “You’ve shown me what I don’t want next time”. 

When people listen to this song, what do you hope their takeaway is?

I want people to hear it and feel encouraged that even if someone you cared about or even loved left you, it just means they weren’t your person and you can thank them for setting you free to meet the right person. It’s really about letting that person and yourself know that even though it hurts, you’re not going to let the heartbreak break you.

Lastly, what was the recording process like? What were you hoping to accomplish from a production standpoint?

The recording process was a lot of fun for this track! It took a little longer to find the right feel, but after a few takes my session leader, David Dorn (who is also from SC), said that I was singing it in a South Carolina swing feel kind of way, so once he said that the whole band went along with that groove and it built the song into what it is now. I wanted it to build throughout the entire song musically and be a fun sound people could sing and dance to. This tends to be my closer at original shows because the crowd usually responds well to the energy, which is what I always wanted for this song.