5 Favorite Songs From Lainey Wilson’s New Album “Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin'”

By Aaron Wagner

If you’re new to Lainey Wilson, that’s on you. But as long as you’re here, you must give her new album Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin’ a listen.

The Louisiana-born artist embraces her southern roots and style throughout her entire artistry. You’re not going to hear her songs become crossover hits on pop stations and while we’re not country music purists, one things is for sure: Lainey Wilson is country music.

The 12-song album features many of the songs that she’s released over the last year or so along with a few new ones, but all together, Lainey has herself a helluva project that should hopefully catapult her into a household name amongst country fans.

While I thoroughly enjoyed each song on the album, I gave myself the difficult task to narrow it down to my 5 favorite songs.

“Things A Man Oughta Know”
Everything about this song is made so, so right. The opening guitar licks ease you in and give you this down-home vibe from the start. Then before you know it, Lainey is pouring her heart out in this very vulnerable and personal way relating the typical things a man can do to the things that they should really know. It’s currently at radio and I have high hopes for it.

It’s definitely not what you think it’s about. I heard Lainey sing this at a writers round last year and it was so much fun. That’s it. It’s a jam. It celebrates the backroads and backwoods life, while wearing a sly smirk with some of the lyrics.

“Dirty Looks”
I’m a sucker for lyrics or a song title having a double meaning and that’s exactly what Lainey has on her hands here. There’s a bit of a small town sexiness to this song that I think small town America can relate to. While pop culture often equates sexiness to fancy suits and dresses in a high rise, this song tells the story of a different type of sexy.

“Keeping Bars In Business”
I just love the concept of this song, with taking an idea of a bar being full of people who are celebrating something, drinking away their sadness, or just drinking to tune everything. It’s a metaphor for life and that we’re all dealing with different things, but this neon light spin on that idea makes this one of my favorite songs on the project.

“Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin'”
It’s the title track and the song she saves for the last song on the album. The song is about being brutally honest, no sugarcoating, and in this case, specifically about ending things with someone who has meant so much to you. Country music has substance and this is an example of one of those songs. Your heart aches even if you’re not the one going through this particular scenario at the moment.