Take a Listen to Royale Lynn’s Newest Song “Rocket Man”

By Aaron Wagner

One of our favorite rising country artists, Royale Lynn, is out with her newest song this week “Rocket Man.”

While fans of Royale Lynn may be used to her western country sounding voice, she bravely steps a bit more outside, infusing a rock sound into the finished song, creating a really great finished product.

While many will instinctively think of Elton John with a song title like “Rocket Man”, Royale Lynn has a creative way of using that phrase to tell a story about the end of a relationship. It’s a great piece of songwriting from Royale and her co-writer Josh Wolfe.

Take this closing line for example: “Hey rocket man, is space everything you thought you wanted?” Woah. That’s so damn good.

I chatted with Royale about her new song, what went into the making of it, and what she’s looking forward to this year after the year that was 2020.

With a song title like “Rocket Man”, it definitely caught my attention. What led to that song title and what was the inspiration in the writing session with Josh Wolfe? 

I got the idea for “Rocket Man” after going through a bit of a breakup in 2020. The idea stemmed from that experience and Josh really helped me bring it to life. I love diving into an idea in the writing room, this one came together so well. I hope people love it as much as I do!

You’ve mentioned that this song has a bit more rock sound to it than your previous releases. Was that done intentionally or did it just come naturally during the process?

Great question. We started writing and I felt the “vibe” and then got so excited because it was so different from my other releases. I learn from every writing room that I am in and I take pieces from each experience to try and better myself in future writing rooms. That’s how we stumbled upon “Rocket Man” and the rock feel whilst also hitting that western style that my music is known to have! I want to push the limits and see how far I can go with “Cowgirl Country” and I always want to be getting better at my craft. 

What are some of your favorite lyrics that you’re especially proud of writing?

Within “Rocket Man”, I think my favorite lyrics live within the second verse… It ties the entire song together relating the relationship and space to then hit you with the chorus about him leaving and being “Rocket Man”.  

And if I still know you,
Bet you’re wetting a line,
kicking back with the man on the moon
I bet it won’t take long
Till you’re counting off 3, 2, 1…”

When people listen to the song, what do you hope their takeaway is? 

I hope it offers healing to those who need it. It sucks going through a breakup. But if I can help one person through a tough time with this song, I will be happy. We all cope in different ways, I just happen to write my way through my heartbreak and it offers me more healing than anything else. 

What does this song mean to you to have it out in the world?

I cannot wait for the world to hear this song. 2020 was so hard on me and I took a step back to figure out exactly where I should be putting energy into. I felt “Rocket Man” was a great first step into showing my growth as an artist. It is the first of a few songs I would like to be dropping in 2021. With the world being as uncertain as it is right now, I want to be able to talk to my support system through their speakers until we can get back on the road. All I can say is that I have been writing new songs and working as hard as I can to make up for 2020!