Kip Moore’s Deluxe Album Has Arrived

By Emily Wagner

Normally, I’m not a fan of deluxe albums. Give me all the songs right away. Don’t make me wait 3-4 months to have to go out an buy the album again with 4 extra songs.

But that was the days of physically purchasing a CD; now with Spotify and other streaming apps, a deluxe album is like opening a forgotten gift the day after Christmas. And in this case, it’s Kip Moore. So even if there was no Spotify, no streaming, you can bet that I’d pay money to buy this deluxe CD. 

Last May, Kip released his 4th album, Wild World, with 13 amazingly original and beautiful songs. Now Kip is adding 4 more to that list.

The best part is that none of the songs feel out of place or like an after thought. Kip could have easily released all 17 songs as 1 original project. “Don’t Go Changing” was the first song released. It has a lot of guitar, drums, a big rock song with is right in Kip’s wheel house. 

“How High” might be my favorite of the newest songs. It feels a little like vintage Kip (if that can even be a thing), but it reminds me of his Wild Ones album.  It has a really unique sound to it, and Kip kills it vocally.

“Midnight Slow Dance” is one I can’t wait to hear live. It’s fun, it’s rock and roll. Sometimes it feels that Kip was meant to be singing rock in the 1980s, than country music in 2021.

The final song on the deluxe album is one that Kip has been holding onto for awhile, one that diehard fans have always wanted him to record. And we are all glad he did. If you thought Wild World ended with a heavy song in “Payin’ Hard” hold on to your hat, because “Man’s Gotta Do” will knock you out. From the onset, the song has a darker, melancholy tone to it, and it really just tells a beautiful story of growing up, maybe too fast. Kip sings it so well, it comes across so personal, and that’s part of what gives Kip such a sense of authenticity and attractive such a dedicated fan base.

We thank you Kip for sharing these 4 new songs with the world. I will never complain about a deluxe album ever again .