Throwback Jam: Martina McBride’s “When God Fearin’ Women Get the Blues”

By Emily Wagner

From “Any Man of Mine” to “Gunpowder and Lead” the women of country music have no problem showing off their strength and sass, and frankly their badass-ness.

Martina McBride was no stranger to this, but it seems as though this throwback sometimes gets lost in the shuffle of not only female country songs, but within Martina’s songs as well.  20 years ago in June of 2001, Martina released her Greatest Hits album, she debuted 4 new singles, the first one being “When God Fearin’ Women Get the Blues.” It became a top 10 song, peaking at number 8.

Although 2001 isn’t too far removed from the 90’s this song always felt like a true blue 1990’s country song. You’ve got the acoustic guitars, a dobro, the fiddle (played by Larry Franklin who deserves a shout out on this song), and even Martina seems to lean into a more twang and raspy side to her voice. 

The full version of the song, which is 5 minutes long, gives you the feeling of a train starting off down the tracks, with Martina setting the scene with just a lone guitar picking in the back, of a woman who has spent the last 25 years doing exactly what she was supposed to do. By the time we get to “no slap-dab-a-tellin’” the train is flying full steam ahead.

Leslie Satcher wrote the song and while we don’t know where the idea for the song came from, the theme of it seems so universal it’s a wonder it hadn’t been sung before. Whether you’re that woman who wants a change in her life, mourning the ending of a relationship, or you just had a tough week, what Satcher writes about, and Martina sings, is that even those women who seemingly have it all together, who would never disturb the peace, need to let loose and disturb the peace every once in a while.

So turn this one up, crank it in your car and go around yellin’ about your mustang that can to eighty.