6 Artists to Watch in 2021 Spotlight: Lakeview

By Aaron Wagner

They bursted on to the country music scene last year, but I’m expecting the electric duo of Lakeview to keep that buzz going and taking even more leaps this year.

The duo, comprised of Pittsburgh pals Jesse Denaro and Luke Healy, have many different sounds infused in their country music. Some songs have hints of rock, while others have hints of R&B or pop, but the thing is that all of their songs sound so good.

There’s a freshness to them that should help them stand out from some of their counterparts when it comes to duos.

Currently, you have Dan + Shay occupying the modern country-pop space, Brothers Osborne in the more traditional space, and then the talented sister duo of Maddie & Tae bringing their lovely harmonies.

What Lakeview brings to the table is the modern country-rock angle we haven’t heard from a duo in a while. Think along the lines of a Jordan Davis-Luke Combs style duo.

Take a listen to their debut song “Poor Me” to get a sense of how radio and commercial friendly their sound is. That’s not a knock at all. There seems to be a faux backlash against artists who appeal to mainstream country fans, but Lakeview is the type of country act who would put on a helluva live show and gain spin after spin at radio.

What I love most is that they take some chances and color outside the lines. “In Case You Forgot” is an absolute jam and features plenty of sounds not traditionally found in country music but they make it work.

Then there’s song’s like “She Drove Me To The Bar” and “Rain Down” which show off their songwriting chops with cleverly penned lyrics, relatable phrases, and stringing together lines that just roll off the tongue, making it easy to remember.

I’m so excited to see where these two go in the future. With optimism towards live music again in 2021, Lakeview should be at the top of your list to check out when they come to your town. They just might be the next big duo in country music.