New In Nash: This Week in New Music

By Aaron Wagner

While there might not be any established artists from a commercially successful standpoint, this week is absolutely loaded with music from talented rising artists and some of the best songwriters of the next generation.

Lainey Wilson is one of the most talented rising artists who is so close to becoming that breakout artist that turns her into a household name. It has to happen. She announced her new album Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin’ will be out February 19th and gave fans a preview of what’s to come with her new release this week “Neon Diamonds.”

One of the songwriters with the brightest futures is Sykamore, but as she’s been proving over the last year, she’s a talented artist as a whole. “Cheap Thrills” is her new one this week which celebrates living life without worrying about status and life’s luxuries.

Another female voice I’m excited about is Gina Venier. Her voice and the production on all her songs are made for radio, particularly her new song this week “Take Me There.”

A few other songs I’m digging this week is a collab between Hunter Jordan and AC Isbell on “Perfect”, Brandon Roy’s latest song “Fresh”, and many of the songs off of Tebey’s new album The Good Ones, starting with “See You Around.”

Favorite Songs from Country Risers:

“Brings Him Back” – Austin Webb: This is such a heartfelt song as he sings from the perspective of remembering a grandfather or father. It’s the type of song that anyone can relate to, with losing a loved one. I think it’s a song that will make you shed a tear and smile at the same time.

“Make a Man” – Cody Bradley: A song for the hardworking man, but more importantly a song about the various things that make a man a man. Sure it’s about working hard, but as Cody sings about, there are plenty of other things that do too. I just love the chorus, where Cody’s vocals shine.

“Playing Favourites” – Genevieve Fisher: One of my favorite voices in Canadian country music is Genevieve and she is on an absolute roll with her most recent releases. Co-written with another one of our favorites in Hannah Ellis, this just has the sound of a future hit at radio.