6 Artists To Watch in 2021 Spotlight: Lily Rose

By Emily Wagner

As with most things that have happened in the last year, it began on Tik Tok.

Nashville newcomer, Lily Rose, moved to Music City from Georgia back in 2015 and began writing songs. When she sang a song called “Villain” and posted it on the social media platform, the views skyrocketed. 500,000 view overnight, 1 million within the next day. When it reached a level that Rose decided to release the full song as a single, it bumped Taylor Swift on the iTunes chart. It was #1 in single day downloads on both the country and all genre charts. 

And with good reason too. The song is amazing. While some might point out that it doesn’t sound “country”, it’s there. Throughout “Villain” and the handful of other songs Rose has released, it’s clear she has the words. Her songwriting is real and honest. She only has 4 songs on Spotify at the moment, including “Villain” but listening to “Here For It” and even the acoustic version of “Villain, it’s not hard to hear she has something special.

She gives off Ashley McBryde vibes, not just in her lyrics but from her entire persona. There’s a confidence that comes though her music and it all comes as a breath of fresh air.

There isn’t anyone in Nashville like her, or making the songs that she is, and we can only hope this is just the beginning for her.