Devin Dawson Welcomes a New Era After Dark Horse With New EP “The Pink Slip”

By Aaron Wagner

Around three years ago Devin Dawson made his entrance to country music with his debut album Dark Horse.

The album featured the hit song “All On Me” and showcased Dawson’s fresh sound and production approach to making music, featuring plenty of guitar. The mood of that album leaned toward the sad and dark side, which he pivots away from on this six song EP titled The Pink Slip.

Dawson is a songwriter on all six of the songs, but is joined by fellow star songwriter friends Nicolle Galyon and Jordan Reynolds on a few. Longtime Eric Church producer Jay Joyce once again produces the new project from Dawson.

I liked Dark Horse, but wasn’t a diehard or really passionate about it like Emily is. That being said, I’m obsessed with the collection of songs on this EP. There’s a freshness and overall peppiness to the project that gives fans and listeners a new side of Devin Dawson to take in. The dude is fricken talented, whether he’s writing hit songs or performing live at a show, and this EP is further proof of that.

There are some great songs on this project that I think radio would love. Let’s dive in.

With a song title like “Range Rover” you’re pulled in immediately; at least I am. Dawson sings about a girl who only sees his potential financial gain in him, rather than who he is as a guy. The music video is creative as hell and features his wife Leah Sykes.

Another song that would do well at radio is “I Got a Truck.” It’s a theme song for the dreams and never-giving-upers who are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their dreams. Then there’s “Not on My Watch”, a song that I don’t think is made for radio but is further proof of Dawson coloring outside the lines of that first album Dark Horse.

One of my favorite songs on the album, once again has him showing off how diverse his music can be. The R&B infused “Whatever Forever Is” is the right mix of groovy jam and love ballad. It’s the type of song that Usher or Ne-Yo would’ve recorded, but Dawson finds a way to make it work, country style.

My favorite track on the project is “He Loved Her.” It’s uptempo enough that makes you want to dance, but the lyrics are where the song makes its money. I should’ve known that Nicolle Galyon, Jordan Reynold, and Devin Dawson together would create something magical. Just check out these lyrics from the chorus:

He had a dog, he drank a beer
He drove the same truck fifteen years
He built a house up on some dirt
He wore his first name on his shirt
He said a prayer, got up at dawn
Showed up to cheer the homе team on
He earnеd his keep and kept his word
He lived his life and he loved her

Dawson closes out this fresh new EP with an island-vibing song with “Who’s Gonna Hold You.” It’s just so fun and relaxed with a message of long love moving the song along.

Take a listen to the full project as I think you’ll come away with a new appreciation for Devin Dawson.