6 Artists To Wach in 2021 Spotlight: Kameron Marlowe

By Emily Wagner

I cannot wait to see where this guy’s career takes him.

Kameron Marlowe undoubtedly has the voice, the songs, and the grit to make him a household name in the country music world. 

After a stint on the singing competition The Voice, Marlowe moved to Nashville and independently released his first single “Giving You Up.” The song racked up the streams (currently it has over 30 million streams on Spotify alone), and lead to him signing a record deal with Sony Music the following year.

Marlowe released his first project, a self titled EP this past November, with 6 songs, including “Giving You Up.” Across the board, all the songs hit all the right notes; nothing seems overdone and you can feel the 90’s inspiration sprinkled throughout. Kameron’s voice has the smoothness of a Brett Eldredge, with the rough and gravely aspects of a Luke Combs.

With his first hit song under him and a debut EP, Marlowe seems to be heading in the right direction as we start the year.