Aaron Watson Releases New Album “American Soul”

By Aaron Wagner

Aaron Watson released his latest album American Soul this past weekend and as fans have grown accustomed, it’s the type of project that feels like a good friend being at your side.

The ten song album, features Watson singing about life and love and tough times, but acting as that good friend to help you along the way. There’s a calmness and confidence in his voice that assures you that life is going to be okay and that there are many great things in life that we should be grateful for.

He kicks off the album with “Silverado Saturday Night”, fun, uptempo song about seeing where the night goes with that special person and then transitions to “Boots”, a groovy number, that has you imagining two people falling in love on the dance floor of a Texas dancehall.

“Whisper My Name” is a sweet ode to a long lasting relationship, reflecting on the couple’s younger days, while still having that fire and passion. It’s kind of a jam too. Songs about dogs and why we love them seem to be the new thing writers are focusing on and Watson delivers that song beautifully with “Best Friend.”

Watson doesn’t forget about the western lifestyle though. “Long Live Cowboys” is a song that will resonate with Texans and those living the cowboy life, but the production of it will also appeal to modern country listeners too. He keeps the cowboy theme going with “Stay”, a heartfelt song about begin stuck between life on the road/run and the comfort of someone else’s arms.

One of my favorite songs on the album is “American Soul.” It’s a patriotic song that isn’t too in your face, rather the lyrics mention the everyday things that have become American as apple pie. I think it’s a song everyone can get behind. He does sing about heartbreak in “Out Of My Misery”, a song about begging for one last chance or rather one last chance to end on a high note.

Another one of my favorite songs on the project is one that everyone in small town USA can relate to. “Touchdown Town” is a song that is perfect coming from the Texas crooner as he sings about those Friday nights, how special they are, and how many of our memories – both players and fans – are shaped around those nights.

Watson puts a bow on this warm album with one of the more special songs you’ll hear. With a song title that pulls you in, “Dog Tags” has Watson singing about who his real heroes are – they’re the ones who served and protected this country. Not the politicians and celebs we often hear from.

Aaron Watson once again strikes the right mood on this album. He still has his Texas roots, but in a style that I think will appeal to every country listener and he delivers some messages that are down to earth, relatable, giving you the warm feeling – like a hug or pat on the shoulder from a good friend.