New In Nash: This Week in New Music

By Aaron Wagner

The double album.

It’s the album that everyone has been waiting for. Morgan Wallen released his sophomore album, the 30 song ‘double album’ titled Dangerous. With 30 songs there’s so many to sort through and it can be a lot. But you’re bound to find something to enjoy. Start with “865” in a toast to whoever’s phone number this is that had their life changed over the weekend.

Also out with a new album this week is Texas country star Aaron Watson. His new album American Soul continues to show how Watson is able to sound modern while never losing sight of his Texas roots. An early favorite off the album is “Boots”, a song about being over the moon in love with someone.

TikTok star and rising artist Priscilla Block continues to release absolute jams. With one of the best pure voices that makes her music easy listening, her new one “I Bet You Wanna Know” is further proof that she is the real deal.

I really didn’t want to include Florida Georgia Line but I couldn’t let it go unnoticed. We are fans of FGL, but we continue to be stumped as to what they’ve been doing with some of their recent releases over the last few years and the biggest eyebrow raise comes this week with “New Truck.” They’re due for a new album in February and have plans to do solo ventures on the side. That might be for the best for a little bit, so they can regroup, and come back with something that doesn’t make FGL fans want to cut off their ears.

Favorite Songs from Country Risers:

“Bits & Pieces” – Walker County: 2020 was my introduction to this sister duo and 2021 might be the year I become a superfan. It’s so catchy, full of energy, and most importantly really great vocals. This one is on repeat, even with the Wallen double album out this week.

“Just Be You” – Becca Bowen: This song is raw, real, and full of emotions which Becca does a great job of bringing to life. Her soaring voice, makes this inspirational song pack even more of a punch.

“Kids” – Petric: Petric is dropping an album later this week and if this is a sign of what’s to come, we can’t be more excited. The group has great harmonies and the production on this one makes it fun. It’s the type of song you crank loud while you’re on a road trip or headed to that favorite weekend destination.