New Nashville Artist Daniella Drops New Years Inspired Jam “Country Club”

By Aaron Wagner

Daniella is a new Nashville artist who is about to thrive in the sweet spot between country, pop, and EDM creating a fresh new sound that many will like. She starts that off in 2021 with her newest release “Country Club.”

In an era where country music as a genre isn’t putting itself in a constricted box, it’s giving way to great music that has plenty of country music sounds but artists like Daniella pushes the limits which I really love. I love risk takers and artists who are unapologetically who they are.

“Country Club” is a light and fun anthem about cutting loose and just enjoying life in simple terms. The “club” she references is an empty lot which many will relate to. It’s a clever play on words that you find throughout the song. There are plenty of country sounds that you hear throughout and rather than a heavy EDM, Daniella accurately describes it as an FGL-like production.

We caught up with Daniella to chat with her about the meaning behind “Country Club” and what she’s looking forward to in 2021.

Raised On It: What was the songwriting process like?

Daniella: The writing process for this particular song was super fun and unexpected! I had written a “we’re the cool kids even though we don’t fit in” kind of anthem that was slower in tempo, and I sent the scratch track – and I’m talking SCRATCH, it was just vocals a cappella – to my producer, Sid Menon, and said “hey, what do you think of this?” And then when I went to his studio a few days later to finish writing it, he brought this whole new, more upbeat “party vibe” to the table, utilizing the term “Country Club” and giving it a new meaning. It was SO fun, still embodying the “inclusion” and “you can sit with us” kind of energy that the original scratch track had!

Raised On It: Do you have a favorite lyrical phrase that you’re really proud of?

Daniella: “If you’re not in the in-crowd, then you’re with us now.” That lyric really embodies the feeling of inclusion and invitation that I want everyone to feel when they listen to this song!

Raised On It: What type of vibe were you going for with this song?

Daniella: A party, makes-you-wanna-dance type of song for sure! We went with with country Florida Georgia Line style lyrics over a primarily Pop and EDM track, which I think makes for a BOP! We added a prominent banjo track into the mix to give it that country “umph”!

Raised On It: What was your favorite part of the recording process?

Daniella: I’m always extremely involved with what I want the production of each track to sound like, so my favorite part of the recording process is hearing my vision come to life, when I get to listen to the very FIRST mix of the song from my producer! When all of the sounds and composition that I’ve been dreaming about in my head gets turned into an actual, audible, track it’s so intoxicating! Hearing the magic come together. The recording process is WERK. A lot of energy, time, and planning goes into it, so getting the mix back is always the most rewarding part for me!

Raised On It: When people hear this song, what do you want them to takeaway from it?

Daniella: That they’re invited, they belong, and their name is on my guest list.

Raised On It: Why did you want this to be released on New Years?

Daniella: It’s the PERFECT song to dance to when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, and also a great mantra to kick off 2021on its official release date, January 1st.  If you ever feel excluded then this can be the year you choose to be confident in your own skin, and know that you’re a Very Important Person, whether you were “invited” to “their” party or not. And if you’re someone who can work on being more intentional to include and “invite” others, I hope this song encourages you to reach out to people outside of your circle. A simple “I’m thinking of you text” can really brighten someone’s day and make them feel like they belong!

Raised On It: Speaking of New Years, are you a resolutions girl?

Daniella: I’m not really a “resolutions” girl, but I’m a “goals” girl! As cheesy as it sounds, I want to choose more joy in 2021. I don’t know about you, but 2020 was a doozy. And there’s no guarantee that 2021 circumstances will be any better. But I do know that you can choose joy in any circumstance, and shifting your perspective can do big things for your overall happiness. So that’s my goal! As far as goals in the music industry, I just want to keep writing and recording and releasing more of my own music, as well as writing with and for other artists. My long-term goal is to get a publishing deal, so I’ll continue to work towards that. Another big goal of mine is to get a booking agent here in Nashville, but with most venues shut down, that’s kind of difficult to do!! So I’m working hard every day to create fun, inspiring content on my social media because it’s one of the only avenues I currently have to connect with my audience! (@DaniellaOfficiall) 

Raised On It: With 2021 being so uncertain as well, what does this year look like for you?

Daniella: In 2021, I’ll be writing, recording, and releasing more music, as well as creating a ton of social media content and ways to engage with my audience over the Internet! I’m also looking to collab with other artists and do some collab tracks.  And when lock down gets lifted, watch out baby! I will be playing out as much as possible! 🙂