Throwback Jam: Alabama’s “Angels Among Us”

By Aaron Wagner

The idea for Alabama’s “Angels Among Us” was born from a near death experience for one of the songwriters of the track.

Written by Don Goodman (“Ol’ Red”) and Becky Hobbs, the latter of which would create the story her near death experience.

In 1985 around Christmastime, Hobbs started having premonitions but when nothing happened she felt like the worst was behind her until the following month. In January of 1986, her and her band were on the road stopped at a red light. With the light turning green, she spotted an 18-wheeler heading toward them. She told the drive to stop and hit the brakes. The truck still collided with them but it wasn’t as severe of an accident as it could have been.

She felt like her guardian angel had warned her and in the next few days, she wrote down the phrase “I believe there are angels among us.”

She sent the song to Randy Owen and Alabama ended up recording it for their Cheap Seats album. The band released the song as a Christmas song in 1993, peaking at #51 but released it again in 1994 where it reached #28 on the charts.

It continues to be played around Christmastime each year.