A Q&A Six-Pack With Braden Jamison About His George Strait Inspired Song “Playin’ George”

By Aaron Wagner

It’s the type of song that immediately takes you to a neon light filled dancehall in the middle of nowhere in the country.

Rising artist Braden Jamison’s latest single “Playin’ George” is just good country music. There’s no other way to put it. Braden’s voice is one of the best country sounding voices I’ve heard in a long time, country riser or established artist. (There’s some Randy Travis in there if you listen close enough.)

“Playin’ George” is a cleverly written song that tells the story of pursuing a girl you’d like to dance with, all while layering in some subtle George Strait lyrics and song references like “Blue Clear Sky”, “Troubador”, and “Here For A Good Time” for an added punch.

It’s the type of song that evokes some feelings of intimacy while grabbing that someone special to take out on the dance floor.

We caught up with the rising artist to chat about his latest single “Playin’ George”:

  1. What’s the story behind writing “Playin’ George?”

    “Playin’ George” is a story about being in a dancehall and seeing a girl walk in that you’d like to dance with, so you get to the jukebox as fast as you can to play all the George Strait songs that are on it. Then, hopefully you’ve got a shot. 

  2. Do you have a favorite lyrical phrase that you’re proud of writing in the song?

    I’m really proud of the chorus because it references several titles and phrases from George Strait songs while telling my own story. 

  3. Was there a certain sound or vibe you wanted to get with this song?

    I wanted to capture a real, classic country sound—something you would hear in the 80s or 90s and still love today. 

  4. What do you hope people take away from the song when they hear it?

    I’m hoping that people rediscover an appreciation for traditional country music. I’m amazed at the number of people I’ve met in Nashville that have never heard of George Strait (60 #1 hits and the King of Country Music). 

  5. If you had to sum up the song in 3 words, what would they be?

    If I had to sum up my song in 3 words, those words would be “authentic,” “two-step,” and “retro.”

  6. Speaking of George, what are your favorite George Strait songs?

    My favorite George Strait songs are “Nobody In His Right Mind,” “The Chair,” “The Breaks,” and “You Look So Good In Love.”