A Q&A Six Pack With Nia Nicholls On Her Song “Nervous”

By Aaron Wagner

UK Country artist Nia Nicholls continues to gain attention with her music, most notably her most recent release “Nervous.”

The 20 year-old recently signed with Uniq Recording Artists as she continues to build on the momentum of a successful 2020 for her.

“Nervous” is a fun, fairytale-like song that gives me some early Taylor Swift vibes. Nia makes herself vulnerable in telling some of the stories that she can relate to and will most certainly relate to country listeners as well.

We caught up with Nia and talked with her about everything related to “Nervous” as part of our Six Pack series.

  1. What’s the inspiration behind “Nervous?”

    Oh the classic, I liked a boy who didn’t know I existed. I like to embellish stories slightly, and sometimes work it in my favor. For instance, in the bridge, you hear about the “blonde-haired beauty” who pulled him away, but before she could, I stopped him and told him I “loved him”. That’s….not true. I was that awkward girl in school, with frizzy hair and braces – no way would I have done that. However, I grew up watching Fairytale movies, so how could you blame me for giving my story a happy ending?

  2. Do you have a favorite lyrical phrase in the song that you’re proud of writing?

    I really love “for no specific reason, got me with this type of feeling”. It’s a simple line, but I just love how it rolls off the tongue. When I was writing this song, the original idea was “for no particular reason, got me with this type of feeling”. Obviously, that’s too many syllables. It wouldn’t have worked with the melody. It took me about 10 seconds to land on “specific” and I was so happy! Again, it’s a simple line, with a pretty straightforward meaning, but I’ve always been in love with lyrics and how witty they sound and how they roll off the tongue. That’s why that’s my favourite line!  

  3. What did you hope to accomplish from the recording and production process?

    I hoped that people would hear the song and think “wow, I can relate to this song word for word”. My main goal is to reach a bigger audience with my lyrics and hope they stick around to listen to my other songs! When it came to the recording process, I hoped the song would sound how I imagined it to be – and it does! I’m so bad at getting my ideas across, especially when it comes to telling people what I want my song to sound like. So whenever I go into a recording studio, I’m always slightly nervous incase it doesn’t turn out right. That was not the case with this song!

  4. What makes this song stand out from some of the other songs you’ve released this year?

    Ooh, good question! My other songs, like “Close to You” is probably the most similar song to “Nervous” because it was written about the same guy! However, I think “Nervous” is the one song that really sums up how it feels to have a crush on someone. It’s also been the song that’s opened so many doors for me. Actually, this song is the song that got me signed to my record label, Uniq Recording Artists.

  5. If you could sum up the song in 3 words, what would they be?

    Innocent, Playful, and Bittersweet.

  6. When people listen to this song, what do you hope their takeaway is?

    “Man, she’s really good. I gotta go check out her other songs now!” I also hope that they realize we’re all the same deep down, we all have the same feelings and we’re not alone in it!