Throwback Jam: Phil Vassar’s “In A Real Love”

By Aaron Wagner

I was 18 making minimum wage
With a letterman’s jacket and a Chevrolet
Thought I was cool
Yea, I ruled the school

The opening lines of Phil Vassar’s 2004 hit “In A Real Love” paints a picture in the listeners mind and transports them back to their high school days. That can be nostalgic, frightening, funny, or all the above. But in this song Phil sings about the real life ups and downs that make life so interesting. 

He sings from the heart as he shared that he and his own story was the inspiration for this downright relatable song. 

Evidently he came across a picture of himself in a leather jacket with a “Bruce Jenner-like” haircut and he couldn’t help from laughing at how he thought he was so cool, but how goofy he looked back then. 

The genius that is Phil Vassar along with hit songwriter Craig Wiseman provided just some great lines in this song.

“Thought a couple of left hand rings would make everything right”

“I was spendin’ dollars and makin’ dimes”

“How am I gonna have a kid when I’m still a kid myself.” 

The song reached the top of the charts, giving Vassar his second #1 hit along with “Just Another Day in Paradise.”