Stephen Paul Releases New Song “Give Me Three Minutes”

By Aaron Wagner

Following up on his breakthrough Off My Chest EP released in 2019, rising artist Stephen Paul is back with a new song to close out 2020.

“Give Me Three Minutes” has Stephen dealing with heartbreak as he finds himself missing somebody once that certain song comes on. The new release has Stephen singing from the heart in a way where you know this song means something special to him. There’s genuine emotion and feelings from him, which helps make this a great listen.

Co-written with Brent Anderson (Blake Shelton’s “Lonely Tonight”) and Lynn Hutton, the idea for the song was something that Stephen brought to the write as he explains in the video:

When asked if this is a new chapter of music for him, Stephen shared that he’s just excited to release new music.

“I don’t necessarily like to put labels on my music. I like to put out songs that I love, so I’m gonna leave that one up to the listeners to decide if they would call this a new chapter or not. All I know is I’m exciting to put out new music. But I’d say this one definitely pulls on the heart strings!”

“I hope my fans can connect their own lives with my personal story. This song came from a personal place, as did my songs like “Leaving Louisiana” and “Another Goodbye Annemarie.” So I’m hoping this one makes the same connection as those did, even if they don’t personally relate to every detail.”

“Honestly I’m proud of the whole song, top to bottom. I think we wrote the heck out of this one.”

It goes without saying that 2020 has been a year and the music industry has been one of the hardest hit financially by the pandemic. Concerts and festivals were cancelled, artists couldn’t tour, and many musicians were left without a job. But Stephen’s outlook is with a glass half-full as he digs in to continue to bet on himself.

“This year has been hard, but also a lot of good has come out of it. I went from almost having to move home to starting my own side business, Paul’s Pickles. But I’m a fighter, and quit is not a part of my vocabulary so no matter what this year sent my way, I found a way to make it work. And I couldn’t find a better way to close out the year than to release new music and spend the holidays with my family. I’ve loved this song for a long time, and finally decided to pull the trigger on release! I hope the world loves it as much as I do.”

So hit play on “Give Me Three Minutes” and see which old memories come rushing back you.