Lexie Hayden’s New Album “You Heard Right” Is a Must Listen for All Country Music Fans

By Aaron Wagner

If you’ve followed us for awhile you’ll know that Emily and I are some of the biggest Phil Vassar fans you’ll ever meet. Recently, as part of his Songs from the Cellar series, he invited rising artist Lexie Hayden and the immediate takeaway was: “Wow, this girl can sing.”

And that’s the common theme throughout her new album You Heard Right which she released last weekend.

Lexie’s voice is definitely made for country music and this album has her singing about falling in love, being content in love, and of course plenty of heartbreak – both on the receiving end of it as well as the one dishing it out.

There’s a sense of maturity and wisdom in her songwriting throughout each song on the project as she acknowledges her own faults and poor decisions, while still being receptive to falling in love. While there’s a song for every country fan, every song deserves to be listened to hear some of these clever stories.

I mean hell, with song titles like “Wish You Would’ve Cheated” and “Relit Cigarette”, they should intrigue you to check out. I take a brief dip into each song below but I’m telling you, that I really came away impressed with the songwriting, storytelling and of course her vocals. If you’re looking for the next Carly Pearce – Lexie’s that girl.

“You Heard Right” is one of my favorite songs I’ve heard lately. I just love Lexie’s voice on this song. It’s honest, confident, and to the point that she’s moved on. I beg everyone at radio to give this one a chance. “Wish You Would’ve Cheated” is another honest song that has her singing about the pain she knows she’s going to cause when she ends things. I can just picture this song taking place in a dark and smoky dive bar.

“Relit Cigarette” is such a clever concept for a song as she compares how a relit cigarette doesn’t work and she shouldn’t do so with former flames and loves. Her vocal control during the chorus is attention grabbing and you truly get a sense of the emotion she’s going through.

Then there’s “Go To” which has her finding that one person who she can depend on and wants to be with at all times. It’s a fun mid-tempo. While it’s hard to pick a song where I think Lexie’s voice shines the best, the ballad “Somewhere Drinking” might be that song. Dealing with heartbreak, she heads to a bar to drink where every sight and sound is somehow a sad reminder of why she’s there.

Her biggest song to date is “Sad Songs” with over 370,000 Spotify plays and let me tell you it is such a jam as she sings about only thinking about him when the party’s over and it’s completely quiet. She wraps up the album with “Don’t Take Your Time”, a smooth song about not wanting to wait any longer to get your person in your arms.