Halle Kearns Puts a Bow On an Amazing 2020 With Debut EP “Finally”

By Aaron Wagner

A year ago, I had no idea who Halle Kearns was. Fast forward a year and I can confidently say that she’s made the biggest and brightest entrance to country music amongst country risers this year.

Halle put a bow on an amazing 2020 for her by releasing her debut EP Finally.

The five-track EP featured three songs you’re probably familiar with if you’ve been following us. There’s the catchy, falling in love and seeing where it takes you “Pick Me Up”, the light-hearted and humorous “I Drink Whiskey”, and the unforgettable “Shoes to Fill” which has her singing about the special father-daughter bond.

Those three songs alone have amassed her an impressive and eye-popping 338,000 Spotify plays and counting.

The two additional tracks we get to listen to on her new EP are “Whatever You Do” and “Before He Could”, two songs that are on the opposite ends of the spectrum, but both equally great listens.

“Whatever You Do” is another catchy tune with some banjo sounds sprinkled in, to give it that summer, falling-in-love feeling. But Halle really flexes her songwriting muscles in “Before He Could.” An emotional wrenching song that has her pouring her heart about ending things before they even really get started, you can truly feel the pain that she approaches the song with.

And that’s what stands out to me with Halle.

While some artists may be a flash in the pan with some catchy tunes, it’s her songwriting and ability to be emotionally vulnerable which has made be a big fan of hers. She’ll hook you in with an upbeat jam and then come back with a song that stops you in your tracks to listen closer to feel something.

Finally is a great EP that gives us a glimpse as to who Halle is as an artist and as a person. I can’t wait to see what comes next.