Favorite Lyrics From Russell Dickerson’s Sophomore Album “Southern Symphony”

By Aaron Wagner

It’s kind of crazy to think this is only Russell Dickerson’s second album, with the release of Southern Symphony.

It was five years ago in 2015 when Russell Dickerson released “Yours” to streaming and digital platforms. It took some time but it started gaining traction there, which led to him releasing it as a single to radio in 2017. He followed that #1 hit up with two more in “Blue Tacoma” and “Every Little Thing.” But alas, after 2-3 years of becoming a country mainstay, Russell looks to keep that status with his sophomore album.

With RD, he has some absolute jams in his catalog featuring addicting hooks and fun production, but I think sometimes we forget how great of a songwriter he is. I mean he did craft the wedding song “Yours” so I think it’s time we give him more credit by sharing my favorite lyrical phrases in each song from this new album.

“Never Get Old” (Corey Crowder, Parker Welling, Russell Dickerson, Steven Olsen)
In my red plaid flannel with your hair down
Old Friends reruns in bed

It’s the timeless things in life we love and you can’t go wrong with a Friends reference.

“Home Sweet” (Casey Brown, Charles Kelley, Dickerson)
Could be white brick and picket fences
Or some busted AC hotel room
It’s all picture perfect if you’re in it

This phrase perfectly captures the message of the song, that home is wherever your person is.

“All Yours, All Night” (Brown, Jon Nite, Dickerson)
Been five days and forty hours
Be there in three, two, one

While this phrase isn’t crucial to the song’s message, it is one heck of a hook to end the first verse as the song heads to the seductive chorus.

“Love You Like I Used To” (Brown, Welling, Dickerson)
What we got ain’t got no ending, like a band of solid gold
It’s sweeter with time like strawberry wine, it gets as good as it gets old

I just love how these three songwriters are so good at painting these pictures and comparing love to simple objects, which I think is really clever.

“Forever For A Little While” (Brown, Kelley, Welling, Dickerson)
We were Tennessee to south Savannah
Hair up in a red bandana
Head back laughin’, sunlight dancin’
Bare feet on faded leather

I wanted to put the entire first verse in here too, but the first few lines of the chorus is poetry in describing that young love during the heat and promise of summer. It’s perfection.

“It’s About Time” feat. Florida Georgia Line (Brown, Welling, Dickerson)
We rollin’ like Firestone tires
Hands up like a Baptist choir
Doin’ this daggum thing all night, that’s right

For such a fun song, this is a great phrase that will instantly put you in that Friday night fun mindset as you jam out on the way to meet up with your friends.

“Honey” (Brown, Welling, Dickerson)
Baby, you’re head-to-toe Tupelo golden sweetness
And you’re drippin’ in pure sunshine, all the time
Baby, you’re buzzin’ my beehive, sugar I need

These lyrics might be the best pickup line ever written. But in all seriousness, it’s a fun, light-hearted song and these particular lyrics bring the song to life right out of the gate.

“Southern Symphony” (CJ Baron, Welling, Dickerson)
It’s the sound of a magnolia breeze
Ice cubes in sweet tea
Fight song on a Friday
Bug zapper buzzin’ in the driveway
It ain’t much, but it sounds so sweet

Sometimes there’s a set of lyrics in a song that just feel warm and fuzzy, like a hug with a loved one you haven’t seen in quite awhile. I’m here for all the nostalgia mixed with warm fuzzies. There’s a sense of comfort in this song and the chorus drives that home.

“Come To Jesus” (Crowder, Dickerson, Olsen)
I’m a 737 on a runway
She’s a slow-rollin’ Chevy on a Sunday
And I’m a walk on the wild sidе
Oh, but she’s my, she’s my come to Jesus

I love how this phrase captures the differences in personalities in a relationship, while reinforcing that we need both sides of the spectrum. In a sense, it’s the “opposites attract” phrase brought to life through song.

“Waiting For You” (Dave Barnes, Jordan Reynolds, Dickerson)
I’d still be walking down this lonely road without you
Just looking for the other part of me, yeah

We don’t get this phrase until the bridge after the second chorus, and while it’s relatively simple concept it drives home the songs concept. Especially in a song, where the main line is repeated throughout the chorus, these two lines paint a picture for what the character has been going through.