Artist You Need to Know: Joey Hendricks

By Aaron Wagner

With a great leading single, rising artist Joey Hendricks is catching peoples attention, setting himself for a true breakout year in 2021.

Originally hailing from the state of Washington, Hendricks is quietly making his entrance and presence in country music. 2020 has led to a record deal with SONY and the release of his debut single, garnering nearly 600,000 Spotify plays. You can feel the buzz bubbling up.

In sports terms, it’s that rookie who has that one breakout game and you’re excited for what they do in the upcoming season. That’s how excited I am to hear more of what’s to come from Hendricks. I’d be drafting him to my fantasy team.

We chatted with him about the music he grew up on, adjusting to Nashville, and what’s to come in the future.

Raised On It: Because we are Raised On It, we love learning which artists, country or otherwise, did you grew up on?

Joey: I grew up on the Beatles, The Doors, Queen, Led Zeppelin, John Mayer, and a lot of whatever my dad was listening to. I actually didn’t get into country music until I was in high school.

Raised On It: Was music always the plan or when did you realize it was going to be your main pursuit?

Joey: Not at all. I actually used to do magic and thought I was going to be a magician! Thankfully I picked up the guitar and have been chasing the music ever since.

Raised On It: What have you learned about yourself since making the move to Nashville?

Joey: Since I moved to Nashville I learned that I’m pretty sensitive and I can overthink a lot, but also that I’m resilient and can overcome a lot.

Raised On It: What’s the story behind your debut single “Yours or Mine?”

Joey: I wrote that song with my good friends Michael Whitworth and Daniel Ross. The song is about the beginning stages of a relationship and the back and forth that tends to take place. It’s the first song us 3 ever wrote together and Daniel is my producer, so it just made sense to make it my debut single as an artist.

Raised On It: With over half a million plays on Spotify, can you talk about what it means to have your debut single do so well right out of the gates?

Joey: It means a lot! I’m really glad that people connected to it like they did. I’m excited to build on that and can’t wait to put out more music in the new year.

Raised On It: You recently signed with SONY Nashville. What does it feel like to receive that opportunity? Was it more a sigh of relief or more of a “time to get to work” response?

Joey: It feels incredible. Once I decided I wanted to be an artist, getting signed to a record deal was a huge goal for me. I’m very grateful for the opportunity they’ve given me. I think my response was a bit of both. It was reassuring because it means that I had something that they deemed was worthy of signing, but also daunting in the fact that I still have a long way to go to get to where I want to be.

Raised On It: How do you try to stay creative and ambitious when you’re not able to play in front of live crowds?

Joey: It’s been tough to do all of those things this year. I’ve mostly used this time to write a lot and that’s helped keep me creative. Without being able to go out and play live shows, I’ve tried to increase the amount of content I put out and engage with fans, so that’s helped keep me busy.

Raised On It: What does 2021 look like for you? 

Joey: I’ll be putting out a lot more music and, if we’re lucky, hopefully, will include some shows. I’m excited for all of it and looking forward to the new year.

Raised On It: Lastly, when people listen to your music, what do you hope they say or feel?

Joey: I hope they can tell that it’s music coming from a guy who genuinely loves what he does, but more than that I hope they feel like they can relate to the music and have it become a part of their lives.


Dream collab: John Mayer
First concert you remember: Aerosmith
Favorite Nashville venue to play: Basement East or The Listening Room
Favorite album: Harvest by Neil Young
Song you wish you wrote: “Stop This Train” by John Mayer