UK Country Artist Kelsey Bovey Shows Off Polished Voice In New Release “I Found Me”

By Aaron Wagner

Over across the pond in the UK, there’s an emerging country scene that is slowly catching up to country in the states. If you turn on a UK country artist, you’d think that the song belong on radio. That’s exactly the case with rising UK artist Kelsey Bovey.

This week, Kelsey is out with her new song “I Found Me”, which is a fun and youthful song that just sounds like it could be a great radio hit. Kelsey sings from a place of contentment and enjoyment in which you really feel those emotions in her vocals in this song.

Sharing how Lauren Alaina helped inspire the song, we caught up with Kelsey to talk all things about her new song “I Found Me.”

Raised On It: Where did the idea for the song come from? Did you have it ahead of time going into the write or was it something that came out of the write with Danny McMahon?

Kelsey: I came to Danny with the idea of writing a song about being free in a relationship and having that person who makes you feel complete. I feel this topic is very relatable to many people and could relate to anybody in your life that makes you happy and makes you feel free. We wrote this song in two sessions and we worked really hard on keeping the mature element of the songwriting but keeping the youth as this is more when this time falls in a person’s life when they meet someone new. Danny came up with the hook line for the chorus and I fell in love with the song from then.

Raised On It: You mentioned that Lauren Alaina and one of her EPs this year was inspiration for the song, what specifically about her lyrics or production helped inspire this song? 

Kelsey: Lauren Alaina as an artist has always been one of my biggest inspirations. “Seen you in your Hometown” was the song that I first fell in love with on her latest EP Getting Over Him. The chorus has such an amazing hook and you catch yourself singing along by the second chorus which I love as a listener in her song. Lauren Alaina’s lyrics are something that I’ve always admired as she is so mature in the way she writes but keeps a youthful element to make sure that the story is told from someone learning through their own experiences.

Her production is also incredible. The places that are accented make it all sound so strong but somethings are quite unique. I can fall down the rabbit hole when I get listening deeply to the production as there are so many elements and every choice has been made with care and I love the intention behind every part. 

Raised On It: Is there a favorite lyrical phrase in the song that you’re really proud of? 

Kelsey: I have to say my favorite lyrical phrase would be “My Mamma Said, When you know you know, then the tales got told of how her and dad made it, never gave it a second.”

I feel like this line sets the scene perfectly for this song. You get to understand that she has never experienced real love before. She has been hearing all these stories about love from others, seen it in the movies but it wasn’t until she met this person that it all changed and started to believe that it can happen to her. 

I Found Me is all about finding that person who you feel completes you and feeling free of any judgement. I want this song to be a soundtrack to those moments where you feel at your best surrounded by the ones you love whether that’s your family, friends or a partner. 

Raised On It: Why did you want to make this your next release? 

Kelsey: I have many songs that I could’ve chosen to release for the single and this wasn’t originally planned to be the next song. I loved this song from when we wrote it but it wasn’t until all the session players came in and brought this song to a whole new level over the others, and then I realized this is the song I need to release next. I like that it still has my sound but there are some unexpected things that I wouldn’t usually do.

For example, in the verse it is very chilled and low in my range and then we get into the pre-chorus where I’m near the top of my range. This jump I think is really smart as it  follows the story so well as it’s the moment where the story starts to build excitement and the production follows. I feel the pre-chorus is the tension and by the time we get to the chorus we get to the release and everything begins to make sense.

Raised On It: What do you hope fans feel or say when they hear this song for the first time? 

I really want people to listen to this song to have a good time with the person/people that make them feel their best and just feel free of any judgement or possibilities that could be and live in the present. Being surrounded by those people that make you feel your happiest is a great feeling and I hope this song can be a soundtrack for those moments.