New In Nash: This Week in New Music

By Aaron Wagner

With the Thanksgiving holiday weekend there wasn’t as many new songs released, but plenty of good ones this week.

Granger Smith released his second EP this fall with Country Things, Vol. 2 which includes the feel-good country living song “Anything Like Me.” The project features a total of 8 new songs, two of which are Earl Dibbles Jr. songs.

We are taken back to our small town Friday nights and lifestyle in Aaron Watson’s new one this week, properly titled “Touchdown Town.”

New duo Walker County, featuring sisters Ivy Dene and Sophie Dawn, are continuing to turn heads and that’s no different this week with the release of “Someone’s Someone.” It’s a fun, up-tempo song about wanting to be loved and the harmonies are just so great, you’ll have it on repeat.

My 3 Favorite Songs from Country Risers:

“Beers We Haven’t Drank” – PJ North: While the song title suggests it’s a drinking song, the message is more about the fun times and great memories that have yet to come. It’s the total opposite narrative that we usually get with country songs reminiscing and I applaud PJ for this new song.

“Twenty Something” – Lucy Scholl: I love how Lucy took a common phrase and ran with it for a song concept. As kids we just want to be older, but when we finally get to our 20s we’re still trying to figure things out. Lucy pours her heart out in a very relatable way.

“Proud” – Brian Callihan: Brian released his self-titled, debut album this weekend. The song that jumped out to me on the project is “Proud.” It’s a song about his grandfather and how much he loved him, what he learned from him, and hoping that he’s making him proud today. This will absolutely make you FEEL something when you listen to it and hopefully appreciate your grandpa.