A Song by Song Breakdown of Lee Brice’s New Album “Hey World”

By Aaron Wagner

I know this week is crazy with Thanksgiving and all, but one of country’s best voices released a new album this past weekend we need to talk about.

Lee Brice is out with his 5th studio album in Hey World. As we’ve grown accustomed to, Lee brings the soul, energy, and heart during each and every song. He’s one of the best vocalists in the industry and somehow he went to newer heights on this project.

The entire album is deserving of your listen, whether its 45 minutes on vinyl or just driving around town.

“Atta Boy” is the intro track and the song has Lee weaving these cool concepts about people stepping up in life, making the right choices, deserving an ‘atta boy.’ Lee’s voice on the chorus is really special and I’d love this uptempo to become a single.

“One Of Them Girls” is a smash. A big ‘ol hit. Nothing more to say.

While I think Brice’s strong suit is the ballads, we often forget he has some great party anthems like “Parking Lot Party” and on this album, “More Beer” is a song in that same style.

Singing about heartbreak and never wanting to truly move on, Brice pours his heartbreak out on “Memory I Don’t Mess With.”

Brice wrote a song about one of his cousins passing away and attending the funeral. “Save The Roses” has him detailing how he’d like everyone to celebrate his life…by living life to its fullest. This song is sure to bring you to tears.

“Good Ol’ Boys” is a feel-good song about that group of boys everyone knows is equal part trouble, equal part great dude.

He levels up the soul and smoothness in a nice little number he wrote to show how much he loves his wife in “Don’t Need A Reason.” As the song title suggests, there’s no special occasion. Just loving for the sake of loving.

Brice brings the heat and sexiness in “Do Not Disturb”, which based off the song title alone, you’ll have a good understanding. I will add that the high notes he reaches in the chorus are absolutely ridiculous.

“Soul” is another song on this album that just screams country radio single. There’s a ton of fun harmony elements within this song that makes it a bit unique from the rest of the album.

He gives us a reminder that we’re all humans and deserve to be treated as such in “Sons and Daughters.” It’s a nice song message, but is the weak link on the album.

“Country Knows” is a song with a simple concept, but it’s a really personal and heartfelt love letter to the country lifestyle. I think a lot of us country fans can relate to this song.

Every album usually has a song or two that stops you in your tracks. “Lies” is that song as he sings about the hurtful words that we often use to describe ourselves. It’ll make you think. And think. Then think some more.

Similar to “More Beer” earlier on the album, we get another fun, un-apologetic drinking song with “If You.”

Lee’s duet with Carly Pearce on “I Hope You’re Happy Now” is an award winning single that definitely stands out on this album, even though you’ve probably been hearing it for the last year.

He wraps up the album with the title track “Hey World”, which is actually a collaboration that features Blessing Offor. The song is deep and emotional as Lee revealed to Apple Music that it was his first co-write on Zoom during the early days of the pandemic. His and Blessing’s voices bring out all the raw emotions we’ve been dealing with this year.