Throwback Jam: Ricochet’s “Daddy’s Money”

By Aaron Wagner

While 90’s country band Ricochet has five Top-20 hits in their career, most will truly only recognize their #1 hit “Daddy’s Money.”

Written by Bob DiPiero (“Blue Clear Sky”, “Cowboys Like Us”), Mark Sanders (“Heads Carolina, Tails California”, “I Hope You Dance”), and Steve Seskin (“Grown Men Don’t Cry”, “Don’t Laugh At Me”), the song came from a writing session that was going nowhere.

As DiPiero tells the story, they were sitting around for a long time, with no ideas, just looking at each other at their write in Nashville. All of a sudden, out of nowhere a brand-new, fancy car like a Jaguar, drives up and a kid gets out. They had nothing better to do so they started to gossip about the kid and where he got the car. He didn’t seem like a drug lord, perhaps he won the lottery, and then Mark Sanders asked ‘Have you seen his wife?” What I think it is, is it’s ‘daddy’s money.'”

The song features some hilarious lines that are so 90s country you gotta love it:

My attention span done turned off

More laughs than a stack of comic books

She’s a good bass fisher

A dynamite kisser
Country as a turnip green

Released in April of 1996, it would spend two weeks at #1 in June of the same year.

Throwback Jam Cover:

Leave it to Jon Pardi to save the day with one of the only notable artists to cover this on YouTube.