Watch Tezza’s New Out of This World Music Video For Her Streaming Hit “Mercury Rising”

By Aaron Wagner

Rising artist Tezza’s most recent single “Mercury Rising” is quickly becoming a streaming hit with over 2 million Spotify streams since its release at the end of August.

This week she cranks up the heat with the music video to go along with the hit single.

Full of bright lights and plenty of colorful wardrobe changes, Tezza brings her A game in this music video giving fans a futuristic spin on her downright fun single for “Mercury Rising.” The song is made for people having a good time and that’s exactly what you get with this video.

“Think rhinestone space suits, lime green neon, stark white backdrops and cosmic inspired futuristic high fashion. That’s exactly what I envisioned when putting together the music video for “Mercury Rising!” she says.

“In fact, I actually decided to design all of my own outfits for the video, seeing as “Rhinestone Spacesuit” does not pull up a whole lot of results when browsing online during a pandemic!”

Tezza knew she wanted a video for this single as the song was finished being written. “Something artsy, vibey, spacey, futuristic. “

“I had so much fun designing each of the different outfits and it was even more exciting to watch them really come to life under the bright flashing lights and wide-eyed focus of the camera lens. That day of the shoot was a blast! We went from neon green to metallic silver and experimented with pulsing green strobe lights and static ridden TV sets. Everything went without a “hitch”… unless we’re talking about on a rocket!”

In a year that has proven difficult and challenging for everyone, even within the music industry, Tezza has found a way to make this year a special one. It makes it easier when your single explodes on Spotify and gets significant traction.

“I feel so blessed and still can’t believe that we are currently at 2.2 illion streams and counting. The amount of love and support this song has received has been unreal and I couldn’t have done it without each and every person who took the time to listen, save, and share. This release and the overwhelming response to it has definitely been the highlight of my year.”

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