Kameron Marlowe Deals With the Pain of Heartbreak on Self-Titled Debut EP

By Aaron Wagner

Kameron Marlowe’s career has shot out of a cannon before most people knew what was happening.

Just over a year ago he released his debut single “Giving You Up” without any support from a record label. To date, the song has 27 million plays on Spotify alone.


Marlowe followed that up by releasing “Burn ‘Em All” earlier in 2020, which is up to over 8 million Spotify plays as of today. Both songs appear on his self-titled debut EP and give fans a glimpse into who Marlowe is as an artist while showing that he can be the heartbreak balladeer on a song like “Giving You Up” while rocking out on “Burn ‘Em All.”

The strength of the EP can be found in the strength of the songwriters featured on this project. J.T. Harding (“Different for Girls”, “Sangria”), Justin Wilson (“Drunk Me”, “We Went”), Drew Parker (“Homemade”), and Aaron Eshuis (“This Is It”).

In addition to the two hits already mentioned, there are some real gems on this EP that will keep his momentum going next year.

“Sober as a Drunk” has him singing in his soulful and raspy voice about pretending to be over someone. This is the song that I could see being a radio single for him at some point. He keeps the heartbroken vibe going on “Going There Today” as he avoids going to some of his favorite places because he doesn’t want the memory of a former flame and “Leavin’ to Me” as he comes to terms that he was done wrong, he just can’t be the one to end things.

He deals with heartbreak and his problems differently in “Hungover”, an “I know I shouldn’t but what the hell” type of song.

While I would’ve loved to hear some more love ballads from Marlowe, that’s not the theme of this project and I hope fans and country music understand that. This collection of songs focuses on heartbreak, getting absolutely pummeled and all of the emotions and feelings that come from that, while he executes so damn well.

You couldn’t ask for a better debut into the country scene and I believe Kameron Marlowe is here for the long run.