Easton Corbin’s First Project In Nearly 5 Years Has Arrived

By Aaron Wagner

It’s been five years since Easton Corbin’s last album About To Get Real was released which featured songs like “Clockwork” and “Baby Be My Love Song.”

A few years ago he parted ways with his record label and has found creative freedom that better aligns with the types of stories he wants to tell and music he wants to make. This week he’s back with his new EP Didn’t Miss a Beat.

Featuring his lovely, country twang, Corbin has a fun project that is packed into six new songs.

The EP kicks off with a fun, toe-tapping song “Turn Up” that is a fun play on words with the phrase the kids use now when they talk about having a blast, but Corbin is able to put some country spins on that phrase.

One of the songs that I think would be a great radio single is “Didn’t Miss a Beat.” The song has him running into an ex but hitting it off once again and picking things up right where they left them. I love the production choice to make this relatively up-tempo. A song along a similar storyline is “Back to Me”, which has Corbin singing about a girl who left town to go see the world but he reminds her that she can always come back to him. It has a George Strait vibe to it.

One of my favorite song titles that has made me laugh is “Old Lovers Don’t Make Good Friends.” It’s a perfect mix of humor, resentment, and heartbreak. He gets sentimental in a country ballad about living for the day in “Before You Wish You Had.” It’ll really make you think about what’s important in life.

He wraps up the EP with “Here’s to the Next One.” It’s the classic, mid-tempo drinking song. Whether we’re grabbing a drink to celebrate, vent to our friends, or take our mind off of a breakup….we always have that safe haven to go to.

I’m glad we get some new Easton Corbin in our lives again and let’s hope he’s going to keep it rolling for the considerable future.