Roman Alexander Makes His Official Country Entrance With Debut EP “Between You & Me”

By Aaron Wagner

If you’re looking for the next “overnight success” take a listen to Roman Alexander’s debut EP Between You & Me and try to convince yourself it’s not coming.

Because it is.

The Kansas City native turned Nashville resident has been making his presence felt in the country industry this year, particularly in the streaming space. Now comes his debut EP as her formally introduces himself to country music fans.

“I wanted to make music that felt good to me and was something people could relate to and wanted to hear. The best way for me to introduce myself was to write and pick five songs that represented chapters of my life that I know many others can relate to — heartbreak, love, lust, and for some…. girl trouble,” laughs Alexander.

Listening to the various songs on the EP you definitely get a modern country feel, but Alexander strikes a nice balance without going too modern. He has a smooth voice that would fit in an era which helps him come across as authentic, not merely some knock-off wannabe. It’s no surprise that he lists both Sam Hunt and Elvis Presley as inspirations for this project.

“I’ve always had about 5 artists that have always played a major role in my artistry: Elvis Presley, Keith Urban, Billy Currington, Kenny Chesney & Sam Hunt.  Sam’s first album Montevallo came out when I was a junior in high school. It completely changed the way I listened to music from that day on. They all have something in common…timelessness. That’s the most important thing I’m always pursuing.”

Alexander’s biggest success to date is “Cocktail Conversations”, a smooth and confident song about making that first introduction to someone in a bar. With over 500,000 streams on Spotify, one would think it would’ve been an obvious song for him to record. But that wasn’t necessarily the case for the song he now says is the song that stands out for him on this project.

“At first listen back I wasn’t 100% sold on it and that’s usually the end all, be all when I’m picking a song. Usually if it doesn’t hit me right away when I’m writing or listening then I won’t record it. But that song is an accurate representation of who I am. I love Love , my favorite drink is an Old Fashioned and I have an Elvis tattoo. I definitely hold them all very close but “Cocktail Conversations” is special.”

“I wasn’t expecting it [streaming success] to come so fast and for people to catch on to it in such a short amount of time. It’s been wild to watch the fan base and listeners grow by the day. It’s been absolutely game changing & life changing for my career.”

If you take a closer look at the songwriters on each song on the project you’ll find another song that will stand out. Trevor Rosen, Jesse Frasure, and Josh Osborne are three names that are like royalty in the songwriting community and they are the writers behind the fun and dangerous love song “Girl Trouble.”

Alexander shares he knew it right away. “The first time It was sent to me by my A&R, I knew I had to cut it. It was a no brainer. I loved recording it but I can’t wait until I can play it for a live audience.” 

With this debut EP, Alexander is hoping that country fans become fans of the songs as he “wants them to feel like they just met him in 5 songs.”

“It’s been 5 years in the making since moving to Nashville . But I’ve been dreaming of this moment since I was 8 years old. To be able to release my first major body of work and getting to do it as my most authentic self is the most rewarding feeling. My team, fans and new listeners are remarkable. I couldn’t ask for anything better. I’m excited to watch and make this grow.”

He’s just getting started but there’s no doubt he’s going to grow his career into something special.