Emma & Jolie Release Second Single, The Emotional Ballad “Cry for You”

By Aaron Wagner

UK duo Emma & Jolie are following up their impressive debut “I Don’t Need a Man” by pivoting 180 degrees and giving us their best vocal performance to date with “Cry for You.”

Listen. “I Don’t Need a Man” was an absolute jam that introduced them to the country world but their latest release “Cry for You” is further proof that the duo isn’t a one trick pony.

You know immediately that the song is different with the opening soft piano playing. It pulled me in right away and will do the same for you. Then you get to the chorus and Emma & Jolie flex their harmony muscles, creating a beautiful sound that I really need to hear live.

“We always knew we wanted to release a ballad after. We were intent on showing our versatility and we think ‘Cry For You’ really shows our vulnerability within our songwriting, just like ‘I Don’t Need a Man’ shows our strength and connection with feminism, it is okay to be vulnerable sometimes,” says Emma & Jolie.

The two wrote the song during their first trip to Nashville with fellow Song Suffragatte, artist and songwriter Lena Stone. It was a quick write brought on by personal experiences as they held nothing back with being as vulnerable as songwriters need to be to write a great song.

“Everything we write about has always stemmed from personal situations we’ve both been in. This song comes from a place of pain we have both experienced. The two of us, and a lot of people we know have felt this way after breaking up with somebody, and so we just want to say that if this is you we see you and you’re not alone, you can’t always shut it off because it’s so difficult,” shares the duo.

“There’s also an element of frustration in the song, when you see your ex seemingly moving on no problem but you’re still finding it difficult to keep going. Sometimes you have to remind yourself that things can take a bit longer when you have a big heart and you love deeply. It’s okay to still cry for them.”