Abigail Neilson Moves On With New Song “This Is Me Leaving”

By Aaron Wagner

Pouring her heart out and being vulnerable to her fans, Abigail Neilson’s latest release this week, “This Is Me Leaving”, has her finally being able to move on and go forward.

Abigail has been one of my favorite rising artists I’ve heard this year as she doesn’t shy away from difficult feelings and the emotions that come with those difficult feelings and storylines. In all of her releases this year, particularly with “This Is Me Leaving” this week, she tackles the song head on with confidence that shine through in the song.

The song starts off like a ballad as one might assume that it will be all about heartbreak and not moving on. Then once the chorus hits, the song takes off and Abigail is able to shed the feelings of heartbreak from her past. The production and Abigail’s energy exemplifies the message of the song.

I chatted with her about her new single as well as what went into the making of the music video for “This Is Me Leaving.”

Raised On It: It seems like the songwriting process would be therapeutic. Was that the case for “This Is Me Leaving?”

Abigail: Yes absolutely. In the first verse of the song I say, “weeks went by, so did the months and now, 8 of them has passed by since July,” which was basically me talking about how long I had been holding onto this person, and the day I wrote this song was the day I decided to finally let go of them. 

Raised On It: Did it come quickly to you or was it something that you had been building to for weeks or months? 

Abigail: A lot of the time when I’m personally going through something, I won’t feel quite ready to write about it until I’ve done some of my own healing. “This Is Me Leaving” was a song I always knew I was going to write. I just didn’t know when. Once I decided to move on from this situation, these lyrics just poured out of me like a diary entry. It was like everything I had been holding onto for months was finally freed and I was able to breathe again. 

Raised On It: What vibe did you want to create for this song when you went to the studio? 

Abigail: I knew going into the studio that I wanted there to be a dynamic change. I wanted people to feel the shift of the before and after stages of moving on. We did this by having a BPM change. The song starts off a little slow, and once the chorus hits you can feel the song coming to life, alike to how a lot of people feel once they let go of the things that have been hurting them. 

Raised On It: Which lyrical phrase are you most proud of in this song? 

Abigail: I’d have to say, “I can no longer bare hearing the sound of my voice begging you to take me back.” I think a lot of us when faced with heartbreak, we do everything we can to hold onto what used to be. Not being able to hear yourself beg for someone back and not feeling dependent on them anymore is such a freeing feeling that I think a lot of people, myself included, can relate to. 

Raised On It: Where did you shoot the music video? 

Abigail: The music video was shot at the University of Washington, the Museum of Glass and on Narrow’s Bridge (all in Tacoma, WA). 

Raised On It: Why did you decide on that location and what did you want to accomplish with the music video? 

Abigail: Until now, I haven’t shot a music video in Tacoma, WA. I’ve lived here my entire life. This song in particular is a very personal song for me that’s about letting go and becoming myself again. A big part of who I am is where I’m from, so shooting in Tacoma just felt right. 

Raised On It: How do you hope this song speaks to people who are struggling to move on? 

Abigail: I think that anyone who hears this song is able to hold onto it and use it to help them move on and know that they’re not alone with what they’re feeling. Especially in times like now, it can feel as though as the entire weight of the world is on our shoulders. I hope people can listen to this and know that things will turn out okay in the end.