Throwback Jam: Keith Urban’s “Stupid Boy”

By Emily Wagner

Keith Urban is a hit-making machine with number one songs and albums, big world wide tours. It’s hard to believe one of his most signature songs, “Stupid Boy” failed to reach the top of the charts, peaking at number 3.

The song was released in December of 2006, in juxtaposition with his previous single, the upbeat “Once in a Lifetime.” It’s the acoustic guitar and the damming, self incriminating lyrics that draw you into the song. 

The song was written by Dave Berg, Deanna Bryant and Sarah Buxton, the latter who recorded the song prior to Urban doing so. But as with any good song, we have the spouse to thank for even letting the song see the light of day.

Urban commented that it was Nicole Kidman who encouraged him to record the song, and for all her accomplishments, I thank her for this one most of all.

While not reaching the top of the charts, “Stupid Boy”, did receive the top award, a Grammy for Best Male Country Vocal Performance. The song continued to have success, and still does. Thanks to a performance by then contestant on The Voice Cassadee Pope, the song found new life from a female perspective and fans loved it, helping to launch it to the top 10 iTunes singles the day after her performance. 

The originality of the song catapulted it to be one of Keith Urban’s top songs of all time, no matter how many more albums he creates. Plenty of times we hear a song from a 3rd person point of viewing, calling another boy a fool for not treating his love as he should. But with “Stupid Boy” Urban is laying all the fault on himself and that was a brave story to tell, especially considering the song was written by a female, and intended to be sung by a female.