Danny McMahon Steps Outside His Comfort Zone In New Song “Best Worst Habit”

By Aaron Wagner

Rising UK country artist Danny McMahon is out with a new song this week with “Best Worst Habit.” It’s McMahon’s best song to date as he continues to step outside the box that country music sometimes puts artists in.

Drawing inspiration from the fresh sounds from some of country music’s hottest acts, “Best Worst Habit” is a song that stands out for its uniqueness and forward sounding song.

“I really wanted to push the boundaries with the production on this one. I feel Nashville artists like Morgan Wallen, Mitchell Tenpenny and Filmore but to name a few have smashed it out the park in terms of how creative their sonic signatures have become in recent times.”

McMahon wrote the song with songwriter Lauren Campbell, which allowed him to focus on what the production of the song would sound like during the write.

“I loved this process with Lauren, because she’s primarily a lyricist. That allowed me to think about production ideas pretty much immediately, and I think that’s why it felt like something new and exciting for us by the time we came to the finished product. I felt like we’d conveyed a universal and relevant message, whilst creating a different vibe for me, and that was exactly what I had in mind from the start with this song.”

For McMahon, this song represents him stepping outside of his comfort zone and continuing to bring the country genre forward in the UK.

“I’m really hoping the fans are gonna go “oh that’s something he’s not done before but actually I kinda like it.” I felt like the world was kind stale at the moment for obvious reasons, and with that in mind I wanted to push myself as a songwriter and as a producer.”

“I’m so excited by the production values coming out of Nashville at the moment, I kinda wanted to be one of the first artists over here to explore that concept, because to me cross pollination of genre in the studio space can result in something really exciting if enough time and care goes into it.”

Listen to Danny’s new single and the rest of his catalog on Spotify: