A Q&A Six Pack With Dugger Band On Recent Release “Good Ride”

By Aaron Wagner

Hailing from East Tennessee, the up and coming brother duo Dugger Band, recently released the perfect summer-unwind song as we officially made it to fall.

“Good Ride” tells the story of a relationship ending, because both are going their separate ways. There isn’t any animosity between the two as the driving production helps tell the story. Rather, it was a “good ride” until the fork in the road was reached and both realize they have to go their separate ways.

Similar to the way a summer romance or summer fun ends as fall sets in, you always wonder in the back of your head if you made the right move, and play the “what if” game. That’s exactly what the Dugger Band exude in this up-tempo new release.

We talked with both brothers about what this song means and what they hope fans take away from it.

  1. What was the big idea and process behind writing the song? 

    This song was inspired by a true event that happened to one of the brothers when an old love interest reconnected with him after one of their shows at their hometown fair. He gave us the idea in the writing session and we all put our experiences together to write the song.

  2. What’s your favorite lyrical phrase in the song?

    Seth: My favorite lyric is the hook at the end of the chorus. It really sets the whole message of the song in stone for me with how I don’t regret the decisions that were made but sometimes think about how it could’ve been better if the relationship would have worked out.

    Jordan : “You chased your dreams and I chased mine, but girl it was so hard moving on” in the second verse.  I like how it paints the picture of two lives going in different directions and really just leaving it open to the thought of what could have been if they had gone down the same path.  

  3. Why did you want “Good Ride” to be your next release? 

    “Good Ride” just puts us in the mood for autumn and everything that comes with it. The timing of the release just made sense with the message of the song. It puts the listener right in the middle of their hometown fair at the end of summer.

  4. Are there any parallels to this song about love and pursuing your career and all the bumps, forks in the road, etc?

    We believe it definitely parallels to our career.  There are people that come in and out of our journey and some stay with us the whole way.  Each one brings something special to the table and it takes all of them to get us to where we are.  

  5. If you could sum up the song in 3 words, what would they be?

    Hometown love story

  6. When your fans hear this and other country fans hear this song, what do you want them to takeaway from it?

    When our fans hear this, we want them to feel like they are back at their county fair with that special person they loved early in life. It leaves some things to the imagination, wondering what could have been.  All the emotions and memories and funnel cakes come to mind as well.