Petric Shows Off Their Home Of Manitoba In New Video for Latest Single “All Who Wander”

By Aaron Wagner

Canadian trio Petric is out with a new music video that shows off their home of Manitoba for their latest single “All Who Wander.”

Featuring breathtaking shots across Manitoba, the band sings about living life to the fullest no matter what’s going on in life. They’re not wandering through life for the sake of wandering, they’re intentionally setting out to wander and explore, which is a cool concept for a song.

We love our music videos here at Raised On It, especially when the artist gets creative and brings the song to life, which is exactly what Petric did with “All Who Wander.” We chatted with them about the making of this music video and some behind the scenes nuggets.

Raised On It: What drew you to the song that made you want to record it in the first place?

Petric: This song has actually been on our radar for a number of years now. It has such a great message and we just loved the way the melody flowed and could hear our harmonies all over it. We were ready to record it on a prior album but when we asked about availability it turned out that it was already on hold by Lady Antebellum. They never ended up cutting it so when we were getting ready to start recording songs for Flashbacks we checked on its status and it was available. 

Raised On It: Why was it so special that you wanted to make a music video for it?

Petric: In this day and age of social media and always trying to put out content we feel it’s super important to release a music video with as many songs as possible. Growing up I always looked forward to the music video of my favorite bands music and we hope that our fans feel the same way. Personally I actually find I often like a song even better after watching the music video as it can help bring the song to life in many different ways.

Raised On It: What was your goal when you went into making the music video for it?

Petric: Our main goal for this video was to showcase all of the beauty that our home province (Manitoba) has to offer. When you hear about Canada’s beauty you usually hear of the Rocky Mountains, the Great Lakes, Vancouver Island, The Maritimes and so on and we felt it was important to show people how beautiful Manitoba truly is. I think we did that and more!

A couple of my personal favourite spots were Steep Rock and Hecla Island. Other places you may recognize in the video are Pine Dock, Dugald, Lockport and much much more.

We chose to have our director/videographer Brett Anderson also star as one of the two actors along with his girlfriend Nicole Zajac to make it seem like they spent a day touring the province and just enjoying life together.

Raised On It: How long did it take to shoot the music video?

Petric: Overall this was about a week process of filming. The band needed two days to get all of our stuff done and our two actors Brett and Nicole took the awesome orange van around the province for about 4-5 days to get their shots done.

Raised on It: What was your favorite part about shooting the music video?

Petric: My highlight was definitely when we got to shoot the band shot at Steep Rock. It took a little while to get comfortable standing on a rock that wasn’t even close to even, especially with my fear of heights. Once we were all settled into our spots and we started playing the song I honestly got goosebumps. With Covid really putting a damper on our ability to play live music this was especially memorable being able to get back to what we love doing the most which is playing music with our best friends.

Raised On It: What do you hope fans takeaway from the music video when you watch?

Petric: I really hope that this video encourages people to go on an adventure. This was eye opening for me. I’ve been a city boy my whole life and didn’t really know what was just around the corner from where I live. On a day when you have nothing going on grab your keys, fill your tank and just start driving, you’ll be amazed at what you find.