A Q&A Six Pack With Kendal Conrad On Her New Single “Stranger Things”

By Aaron Wagner

Artists and songwriters get their inspiration and ideas from many things. Oftentimes it’s about real life experiences and relationships. For Kendal Conrad and her latest single – it was one of her favorite TV shows.

Appropriately titled “Stranger Things”, Kendal leaned on her favorite TV show Stranger Things when it came to the song title and the concept of the song. With a mysterious and curious vibe to the song, Kendal sings about unexpected things and how sometimes we surprise ourselves with who we like and vibe with. It’s a very fun song, with some cool production added in.

Check out our chat with Kendal about what went into this new single.

  1. What was the idea that led to the song title “Stranger Things?”

    I’m a huge fan of the Netflix show Stranger Things, which led me to think about the phrase that probably inspired the show title: “stranger things have happened.” I thought adding “than you and me” at the end of it would make for a great love song.

  2. What was the songwriting process like?

    Really fun! I wrote this song with Matt McVaney, and it was definitely a brain-buster coming up with all the bizarre events to compare this crazy love to.

  3. What did you want to accomplish from a recording and production standpoint with this song?

    I wanted it to have an 80’s pop vibe, but twangy.  Enter banjo.  I also knew I wanted it to be upbeat, energetic, something people could dance to.  It’s a song about the thrill of taking chances, so I wanted the production to reflect that. 

  4. Which lyrical phrase is one you’re most proud of for writing?

    “We shouldn’t do this, but we did it anyway.”  I love the concept of forbidden love.  It’s dangerous, it’s scary, but it’s also exhilarating.

  5. Why did you decide on this song being your next release?

    This is the 5th and last single off of my latest EP that I recorded in Nashville.  I knew this last single drop would coincide with Halloween, and “Stranger Things” has a great hook for a festive dance party — unlike the love I sing about in the lyrics, this release just made sense!

  6. If you had to sum up the song in 3 words, which ones would you pick?

    Genre-bending, daring, strange.