New in Nash: This Week in New Music

By Aaron Wagner

Kip Moore is out with a new song, not even a full year after dropping a new album. He’s a hustler. “Don’t Go Changing” is right in Kip’s wheelhouse, but the more important message of the song and subsequent video is shining a light on all of those in the music industry who have been impacted by COVID.

I’m unsure exactly when Eric Church is releasing his next album but at this rate he’s dropping a new song every 2-3 weeks and we can’t complain about that at all. “Through My Ray-Bans” is his new one thins week.

Cam released her new album The Otherside this week and one of my early favorites is “Changes.” You just have to love her voice.

Big & Rich released a humorous, dive bar song called “I’m Only Here for The Beer” that only they could pull off consider how quirky it is. Country star songwriter and rising artist Ray Fulcher is out with yet another new one this week with “I Got It All.” He wrote it with Jonathan Singleton and Morgan Wallen.

Canadian country artist Eric Ethridge released a new album this week titled Good Time. Take a listen to “Sad Songs” as Eric has a great ability to pull you in right away. Then there’s Jon Langston who released a drinking jam about moving on pretty easy with the release of “Happy Ever After.”

My 3 Favorite Songs from Country Risers:

“The Highway” – The Highway Women: This is the group’s best song to date. It sounds like something that you could send to radio right away. Everything from the songwriting to the production and of course the vocals harmonizing are a finished product. The song is a fun, soaring song that is literally perfect for driving down the highway or backroads with it blasting.

“Villain” – Oferle: I’m always a sucker for a great male-female vocal combination. This week I discovered this duo and again, it’s so well produced and the vocals are so on point that it’s the type of song that could easily be played on radio. They have the sound of a veteran duo that has been cranking out hits after hits, rather than the upstarts that they are. Keep an eye on them.

“Lucky One” – Justin Adams: Some songs just hit different. This is one of those songs. He gets straight to the point right off the bat in this love song as he sings about how he’s such a lucky guy because of his better half. He might sell him short but it’s a sweet song that I think a lot of couples will enjoy. Justin has a great one on his hands here.