A Q&A Six Pack With Kylie Trout On Her Clever New Song “Extra”

By Aaron Wagner

A few weeks ago, rising country artist Kylie Trout released her latest single, the cleverly titled “Extra.”

Playing off the “ex” phrase, Kylie sings about all the over-the-top annoying ways that her ex is behaving. It’s full of sass and energy in ways that makes the song a blast to listen to. Combine that with Kylie’s beautiful voice and you have a really fun sound. I would love to hear this live.

We caught up with Kylie as part of our Q&A Six Pack series to chat about everything to do with this new release from her.

  1. What’s the big idea behind “Extra?”

    Two words – Crazy. Ex. This song was inspired by an ex-boyfriend who – after we had already broken up – continuously went out of his way to attempt to make me jealous. The song names a few things like unfollowing and then following back my Instagram, just so he knew I would see his name. It just got annoying honestly, but great songwriting material!

  2. This seems like a fun songwriting session. What was it like writing this song?

    I actually rewrote the entire song about 3 or 4 times with different people! Once with a great writer and friend of mine, Jason Hamor, another with Mark Addison Chandler, a third time with my family, then I took all of those ideas and rewrote it once again by myself. That is the version you’ll hear on the track!

  3. What was your favorite part of the recording process?

    My favorite part of the recording process is always watching things come to life. I write songs to an acoustic guitar, then to hear Nashville’s best musicians take it to that next level is always the coolest thing ever. 

  4. What artists and styles come to mind when you were recording that you wanted the song to sound like?

    I really admire Kelsea Ballerini’s way of mixing pop into country, so I really tried to go for that feel. Along with that, we went with a vibe like Kane Brown’s song “Good As You”, and I think we managed to capture just the right amount of influences & my own spin on those, perfectly.

  5. What 3 words would you use to describe this song?

    Sassy. Empowering. Fun. 

  6. What do you hope people take away from “Extra” when they listen to it?

    I hope when people listen to “Extra” they can relate it to a time in their lives where they had to deal with a very “extra” person. I also hope it reminds all my ladies out there to never settle for less! Be with someone who makes you happy – not crazy!