caitlin quisenberry

Caitlin Quisenberry Debuts Music Video for “Get Loud With Me”

By Aaron Wagner

Caitlin Quisenberry is debuting her new music video for her latest single “Get Loud With Me.”

The rising country artist has had a busy year with releasing five singles generating 200,000 collective plays on Spotify and moving to Music City to pursue her music dreams. While Caitlin has excelled at the ballads like “Blue” and “Let Love Die”, she’s showing that she can turn up the energy and let loose with the fun songs like “Get Loud With Me.”

It’s such an energetic and driving song which inspired Caitlin when she was in the studio recording and got her thinking it would be perfect for a music video. “I was dancing the entire time I was singing. Ideas and images filled my head and I knew then, I had to do a music video for this one. Giving my listeners a full visual experience of this song was a burning desire that I couldn’t ignore.”

We caught up with Caitlin to chat about what went into the making of this music video and what the video shoot was like. Watch the “Get Loud With Me” video and continue with our chat with her below.

Raised On It: What went into the process of coming up with the idea for the video? Was it something you had a vision for or was it more collaborative than that?

Caitlin: I envisioned being in a nightclub, dancing on top of a bar, like a full on party scene of being young and wild and completely living in the moment. That is the vibe that matches the lyrics, but that isn’t the direction the music video went in.

Several months ago, I was contacted by Daniel Catton, a producer in Los Angeles who I knew when I was a student at Pepperdine University in Malibu. He said he would like to do a music video for me. I sent him 5 songs I had just recorded and told him to pick his favorite. He chose “Get Loud With Me” and had the coolest idea for a storyline. Daniel was more concerned with creating a visual representation of how the song made him feel, rather than following the lyrics to a tee. I was so intrigued by this, that I gave him complete creative reign. I have always admired his style and work and he really brought it for my music video.    

Raised On It: What’s the “big idea” for this video?

Caitlin: This video reflects Daniel Catton’s style; he drops you into a storyline that is already happening and unpredictable. This was the perfect springboard to present the “big idea” for this video, which is living life to its fullest – fast, exciting, full of danger and romance. 

Raised On It: How long did it take to film the video?

Caitlin: We filmed in just 2 days. Daniel and his cinematographer, Moises Barba, had everything planned out, so the execution and filming went fast. They were up at 4:30am to catch the best sunlight for the shots they needed!  

Raised On It: Were there any challenges that came up during filming that you had to take into account?

Caitlin: Yes! The first challenge was the day before filming, one of Daniel’s cinematographers tested positive for COVID, so they had to cancel their flights in from Los Angeles, cancel filming here in Nashville and reschedule. The other challenge was at the end of the video, my co-star, Will Parks and I jumped into the (freezing cold) waterfall. The light had changed when filming that part and it made us look like vampires! So in editing, Daniel took that out and created a new ending that’s more romantic and provocative, which I absolutely love!    

Raised On It: What was your favorite part of the music video?

Caitlin: So many… but I’d say it’s when I come up the stairs and grab a knife dripping with blood and walk over to Will, who has been tied up. I love those moments in a film when you question what’s going to happen next. Daniel was able to capture those moments in a 3-minute music video! 

Raised On It: What do you like most about creating music videos to support your songs?

Caitlin: I love living out the lyrics and showing my interpretation of the song. I always release my song first, giving a few weeks for everyone to create their own imagery, letting the words represent what is relatable for them to give them what they need. Then when I release my music video, it gives my viewers insight to who I am as an artist and a glimpse of my personality.

Raised On It: What do you hope your fans say when they watch the video?

Caitlin: “Wow! I love this! Best music video ever!!!” haha! That response would be awesome, but I really hope they come away with an appreciation for the exciting storyline, beautiful cinematography, and most importantly, I hope it lights that spark inside of them to have fun, be young (no matter their age), and live in the moment. I hope they sing along as they watch and create their own exciting moments.