A Q&A Six Pack With Cole Bradley on His Latest Release “Love Made Me”

By Aaron Wagner

That old saying that “love make you do crazy or stupid things?” Do we have the perfect song for you.

“Love Made Me” has Cole Bradley singing about unexpectedly falling headfirst for someone and jumping in with no reservations, even if that means doing things you’d never imagine yourself doing. The mid-tempo song is easy to listen to and you can almost see the eye “aw shucks” grin Cole has as he sings this one.

We chatted with Cole about what went into the making of this song and what it’s like to have it out in the world as part of our Q&A Six Pack series.

  1. What was the big inspiration or idea behind “Love Made Me?”

    I feel like most people have been with someone that makes them feel like they’ve gone crazy – in the best possible way. I once dated this girl and I felt as though she had me doing stupid things that I had never done before. Whether it be staying up all night just to talk to her or being so love-struck that I never wanted to leave her side, “Love Made Me” is relatable to anyone who has fallen “head over heels” for someone. It’s not guaranteed that these kinds of relationships will work out but I give credit to my co-writer Eric Mallon for helping me dive into this kind of emotion that we’ve all experienced.

  2. Did the song come together pretty quickly or were there any challenges?

    This song came together fairly quickly! It only took us a couple of hours to write and I found that it was lyrically very strong. Usually, it’s the complete opposite and I’ll spend countless days tweaking a song – but this just felt right from the get-go.

  3. Why did you decide that this song should be your next release? 

    2020 has been a difficult and unpredictable year for a lot of people and I felt like “Love Made Me” would be the perfect first release because it’s upbeat, fun, and positive. I wanted to put out a song that would make people smile and I think that “Love Made Me” does that.

  4. What’s your favorite lyric in the song? 

    My favorite lyric in this particular song is “Your love made me twist like a worm on a hook.” I have to give credit to Eric again because he came up with this particular line. But I just love how hooky that line is and the imagery behind it. It really paints that “head over heels” love in a different, unique way.

  5. What’s the craziest thing that love has ever made you do, that you’re willing to share? 

    Ah I mean I have planned some really crazy dates – but I think it probably would be dating long distance with a time zone difference of 3 hours. It wasn’t easy, but some things are just worth it!

  6. If you could sum up the song in 3 words, what would they be?

    Oh that’s tricky! But I would say “the honeymoon phase” – that period of time when you jump into a new love with both feet.